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See who made it to the next round

See who made it to the next round. Ejay is back from the dead, and Kristin gets a long-overdue scolding, says Jessica Shaw

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American Idol
Kristen Holt: C. Baer/FOX

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See who made it to the next round

Let’s just forget, for a moment, about the three contestants who graduated to the next round this week and let’s ponder the question ”American Idol” fans are really asking: Was that judge smackdown staged or what? Tuesday night I almost thought the Brit v. the Americans fight had some real moments of tension, but after they replayed the highlights last night, you just knew the whole thing was fake. I have a hunch producers realized this third week of competition was filled with losers, dorks, and talentless wannabes, so they begged the judges to liven things up. The most pathetic part was when Brian tried to get in on the fight and take Simon down with some nasal insult. Whatever, Brian. Count your lucky stars you got this gig and don’t mingle with the real talent.

Speaking of talent or lack thereof, I officially am transferring my hatred for Kelli Glover from two weeks ago to my new least favorite human being on television: Kristin Holt. Mind you, I never thought the beauty contestant (or, as she would lamely call it, the ”scholarship contestant”) had even a shred of talent, but I could appreciate that the judges thought she was hot. But when she dug deep into her Southern-belle core to pull out some Alicia Keys-esque wannabe and came up empty, I had to laugh.

”You’re out of your league,” Simon said. Her comeback to him later in the green room? ”I think he missed the bucket at the door ’cause that’s where we dropped our attitude.” Oooooh, good one, Kristin. Take your mouth full of too-huge-for-words chompers and go back to small-town beauty pageants where you MIGHT snag third runner-up.

With so many other interesting topics to take on, we haven’t even discussed the three winners! Christina (my personal favorite) was the clear winner since she was the only one who actually sang on key. Plus, she’s gorgeous enough to give lookers like Tamyra and Ryan a run for their money.

Nikki? I’m glad she made it only because it meant freaks like Mark (who forgot the lyrics to ”My Girl”) and Chris (who forgot how to hit a note) didn’t, but she’s gotta drop that whole Kelly Osbourne thing. I’m almost starting to think she’s a rich girl from Beverly Hills who dyed her hair just to get back at Mummy and Daddy.

As for Ejay, the Rick Fox lookalike, what a great score to come back from the dead and advance to the next round. Way to go.

Too bad the live show ran out of time last night — too much time spent discussing some pathetic person who named her baby after Tamyra and hearing Jim sing ”When I Fall in Love” for the gazillionth time — because I wanted someone to explain to me how the wild card was going to work. Hopefully, it means someone talented like Angela Peel or Chris Matthews will get another shot. If Kelli or Kristin get another shot, though, I’m leaving the country.

What do you think of this week’s finalists?