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Secrets and Lies recap: Season 2, Episode 8

Eric makes a tough decision to save the company

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ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Secrets and Lies

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Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis

A funny thing happened over at 8686 Mint Hill Drive. So funny, in fact, the incident has Detective Ralston beaming from ear to ear by the time Detective Cornell walks into the police station at the start of tonight’s Secrets and Lies.

Ralston reads Cornell the police report filed after Danny stormed Madam Melanie’s Whorehouse and fired two warning shots (and killed everyone’s vibe) in search of Carly. He then gleefully reveals Patrick (and, technically, all of Sherwood Equity Group) is the happy owner of the house. The duo makes an attempt to search the property and find the security footage to see who caused all the ruckus, but it turns out the footage has been erased. You know who likes to erase security footage? Melanie.

Speaking of Melanie, we’re back at SEG right after Neil tells Eric about Melanie’s side hustle. Neil is still insisting he knew absolutely nothing about Kate’s murder or Patrick’s fraud. All he knows is Melanie is a pimp, which he managed to find out when he brought Carly to the party as his date — only to have her run off in fear at the sight of her “boss.” He’s sort of in his own little bubble, since he pretty much assumed being arrested by Cornell and beat up by Danny (twice) was the result of him dabbling in prostitution.

Still, after Eric tells John about the mess Patrick has caused, their solution is to fire him. And that’s what they do…in front of the entire staff. It was hella awkward, to say the least.

John, Neil, and Eric later have a conversation with a lawyer — Henry Stratman (Mark Espinoza, Beverly Hills, 90210) — that ends no differently than the last one Eric had with him: The company is still screwed. He points out that SEG is now open to prosecution because of Eric’s two stupid mistakes (i.e. because Eric is Eric). To jog your memory:

  1. Eric went to the bank to see who was behind the suspicious account, but never reported it once he found out.
  2. Upon finding out about Mint Hill, not only did he see it was a brothel with his very own eyes, but he also invited Danny along with him when that huge fight broke out.

Henry breaks down everything that’s wrong with this situation (aside from the obvious) and makes it clear that, since every dime made from the prostitution ring was used to pay for the house under SEG’s name, everyone involved is bound to go down. Not to mention the innocent employees at the firm — who, at this point, are only guilty of going to work — are probably going to need lawyers, too. That is, unless someone is able to provide the police with the names of all the prostitutes at Mint Hill as well as the men paying for them.

Eric can’t exactly do that, but he can at least let the police know none of the other employees are responsible for any of this. And that’s when Eric makes a little peace offering to Detective Cornell: He shows up to the police station with a box full of files, detailing everything Cornell would need to know about Patrick’s fraud and how it might connect him to the case at hand. She decides this is “solid motive for Kate’s murder” and arrests Patrick while he’s visiting his mom in the hospital.  

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