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Secrets and Lies recap: Season 2, Episode 5

Eric finds unexpected answers in even more unexpected places

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Secrets and Lies

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Last week’s episode of Secrets and Lies probably had you thinking “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” — and rightfully so. There were so many questions that needed answering during that hour of lies, they seemed to multiply as the minutes went by. Since when were Detective Cornell and Danny in cahoots?! Since when was Danny also a detective?! How do any of these things make sense?! (That last question is probably something you ask yourself every week, but I digress.)

Relax. They all make sense, and there’s a good reason (I guess) behind Danny and Cornell’s decision to become a tag team. So let’s dive right in.

Here we are, back in Eric’s apartment with Eric and Detective Danny, after Detective Cornell arrests Neil and takes him in for questioning. In an attempt to smooth things over and prove he hasn’t been lying to Eric the entire time, Danny reveals he’s a cop with the NYPD and that his daughter (Rachel) went missing one night after a heated argument about her promiscuity. Eric isn’t buying it, but Danny insists he and Cornell were just trying to help each other. Citing Liam’s fraud, he also says if he wanted to screw Eric over, he would’ve done so by now. And I, actually, kind of believe him.

During a conversation with Detective Cornell later on, Danny confesses his partner and close friend, Mitch, had been sexually abusing Rachel since she was 13 years old, something he knew nothing about until Mitch committed suicide after three of his victims came forward. He’s only interested in finding Carly because he thinks she’s likely to know where Rachel is. Cornell then assures Danny she’ll help him find Rachel — just as long as he cooperates and stays out of her way. She also lets him know she was able to find Carly and bring her into custody. Yeah, here’s how that happened:

After being arrested, Neil tells Detective Cornell he slept with Carly in his car at the time of Kate’s death. Since she needs Carly to confirm his alibi, Cornell and her colleague basically catfish her into thinking they’re clients before arresting her. Cornell claims she just wants to double-check Neil’s story, but since Carly isn’t giving her the info she needs about her relationship to Kate and others at the party, she has her arrested for solicitation. The joke ends up being on Cornell, though, because by the time she suits up to bring Carly in for another round of questioning, she finds out she’s already been released. Carly having been on “dates” with almost everyone in the police department may or may not have had something to do with that.

Cornell brings this to her boss, but he isn’t trying to hear it. Instead, he reprimands her for using Danny as an informant for this case. See, there’s a warrant out for Danny’s arrest — apparently, he walked away mid-testimony during a high-profile narcotics case. So Cornell is now in a bind: Arrest Danny or be suspended.

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