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Secrets and Lies recap: Season 2, Episode 2

The lies get more complicated as Eric continues to try and clear his name

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ABC/Richard Cartwright

Secrets and Lies

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Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis

When Detective Cornell uncovered a huge secret from Eric’s past at the end of the last episode, it was clear that any doubt she had of him being involved with Kate’s murder went straight out the window.

After the funeral, Eric, Amanda, and Detective Cornell head to the police station, where Eric is being held for questioning. Apparently he went to the roof on the night of Kate’s death because it was time for him to make his big speech at the party, and Kate was the one who had his flashcards. He thought he’d be able to find her on the roof but only managed to make it up there after she had already fallen. Since none of the investigators found any flashcards at the scene or in Kate’s purse, Detective Cornell isn’t buying it.

On to another important issue: the death of Steven Porter. According to Eric, Steven used to bully him when they went to school together. One day when Eric couldn’t take it anymore, he snapped and punched Steven, not knowing that he had a broken neck that went undetected by doctors.

Another important issue and our first *secret* of the night: Shortly before her death, Kate withdrew $100,000 from Eric’s savings account.

When Detective Cornell finally dismisses the family, Amanda takes the opportunity to take a small jab at her and briefly remind her of the (supposedly) innocent man she once sent to prison.

The next day, Eric heads to the post office on a mission to find the package that was sent to the P.O. box Kate never told him about. Unfortunately, Detective Cornell beats him to it and has already collected the package. When the two run into each other, Eric explains that two weeks prior to Kate’s murder, he saw her having dinner with her ex-boyfriend, a detail Detective Cornell seems to have already known.

Later that night at the office, John stops by and brings Eric the birth certificate for the baby Kate had. The certificate shows that Kate had a baby boy at 16 and gave him up for adoption. That’s one question answered. (For now, at least.)

While leaving, Eric hears his best bro, Neil (Eric Winter), getting beat up in the stairwell by a guy Neil claims to have never seen before. We find out that that’s not true at all when Detective Cornell shows the two of them a sketch of the attacker that Neil was hesitant to confirm.

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