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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Peachy Queens

Debbie Allen joins the panel to judge the ‘Fame’-seekers at the Atlanta auditions

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So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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It appears there is no limit. The sky itself might not even be the limit! On the one hand I’m chomping at the bit to leap ahead in time and meet our top 20 already; I want to get to know the dancers and dive in to the competition in earnest. But let’s face it: I’m enthralled by these audition rounds. I could watch them until infinity. After truly exciting auditions in Dallas, NYC and then L.A., tonight’s ATL auditions were just as full of jaw-dropping skill and big personalities. Two hours a week is just not enough!

Tonight’s guest judge was the low-talking, life-affirming Debbie Allen. She is lovely and comforting and I have great affection for her as a guest judge because she simply cannot hide that she wants to cradle all dancers in her arms. When she calls a dancer “child,” everything seems right in the world, does it not? In other judging news: Tonight Nigel’s dirty uncle persona just went ahead and let itself fly, so I suppose that is an indication that season 9 is well underway. Hooray! Also, I had a funny moment when Mary first walked out onto the stage in those fur-lined high boots and I thought What? Such boots in Hotlanta? but then quickly remembered that of course “tonight” happened way back January, when Hotlanta was not hot per se. Though still hawt!

Let’s get to it and talk about what happened during tonight’s jam-packed episode.

First, we were introduced to Audrey Case who can fart with her neck and lick her elbow. It was pretty lame the way Nigel advised her to keep that stuff on the DL because she’s a “young lady.” What is this, olden tymes? Is that behavior not befitting of a lady? “That’s probably why she’s never had a boyfriend,” Mary quipped. So mean! Audrey took it all in stride, though. And her jazzy contemporary solo was joyful and completely happy-making. The sexy playfulness in her routine had shades of of Lauren Froderman. “Magical charisma,” Nigel (I think it was) said. Yes indeed. Straight to Vegas, baby, for this crazy, neck-farting cat!

I just tried to lick my elbow and it’s harder than I thought.

Next we met Boris Penton, one third of a trio of hip hoppers who came to the audition together and call themselves Dragon House. They also live together with a bunch of other people in some digs where bathroom availability is scarce but dancing in the dining room is not! Boris performed a mesmerizing hip hop solo set to piano music during which he magically managed to articulate every singe note with his body. His fluid movement combined with the music had a really calming quality, and his blue double mohawk had an adorable quality. I loved him, but have to admit I was surprised he got a ticket to Vegas, baby. It seemed to me that in seasons past, a performance like this one — strong and captivating though “non technical” — would have earned a visit to the choreography round.

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