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The Good Wife recap: Matthew Perry guest stars

Matthew Perry guest stars as the chair of a blue ribbon panel, and the FBI joins the investigation on Kalinda 

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The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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“Is this going to take long? Only if it irritates you.” Oh, Eli Gold. How I love your comedic relief for The Good Wife. Last night’s episode was relatively tame, as it focused mostly on a blue ribbon panel instead of a typical in-court case. But we finally got a little more insight on Kalinda’s mysterious tax case, and we got to witness Matthew Perry as a man of the law instead one of our favorite Friends. Could I be any more excited? Full disclosure: I was a little disappointed when I learned his character was a big asshole. Nobody messes with Alicia Florrick and gets away with it.

Anyway, Alicia was asked to sit on a blue ribbon panel in Diane’s place. The panel — which was chaired by Mike Kresteva (Perry) — was investigating a police shooting. The undercover officers involved in the shooting claimed they announced themselves as police officers, when a good Samaritan got in the way and was killed. Alicia was her normal awesome self and kept asking all the right questions during her alloted five minutes of time. But this just irritated Kresteva & Co. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” he told her. And I wanted to smack him. Let Alicia be Alicia. But the tone was already set. Kresteva would continue to be a jerk throughout the episode.

Alicia was continually reprimanded for being too detailed in her questioning and for investigating where she shouldn’t. Just stick to the evidence at hand, they told her. But for Alicia, seeking out the actual truth was more important than not upsetting Kresteva and the rest of the panel. Even if that complicated things later on down the road. But that’s why she’s the good wife and not the mediocre-at-my-job wife.

While questioning IPRA investigator Forrest Burke, Alicia uncovered an important fact about a drop gun at the scene of the incident. The gun matched the ballistics of one used at a prior jewelry store robbery. And when Burke tried to come back to the panel with more evidence on the drop gun, Kresteva denied his request. Alicia stuck up for him and had Burke come back to the panel to share that Officer Zimmerman had taken the gun into evidence, but never inventoried it after the robbery. And while Alicia was more concerned about finding the truth, Kresteva was worried about inciting a race riot. But that commitment to the truth backfired on her when the state’s attorney’s office was pulled into the investigation.

NEXT: Alicia has to recuse herself, and Kalinda’s tax case becomes an FBI case…