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Scream recap: In the Trenches

Emma races to win the killer’s new sick game, but murder is inevitable in Lakewood

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Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Carlson Young
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Well, it’s not a real slasher (series) until someone gets killed in the most brutal way possible. Another one bites the dust on Tuesday night’s newest episode of Scream and it’s about time, because we’ve been death free for weeks now, and seeing Mayor Maddox potentially dragging his wife’s body in a video does not count. (Is it creepy that I want to see people get killed on this show? Probably.) The death for Tuesday night’s episode “In the Trenches” is definitely in keeping with the type of horror we see on TV and film these days, but considering who gets murdered, perhaps we’ve got a new name for the top of the suspect board? 

After watching Will get stabbed and dragged away by the killer, Piper wakes up after being knocked out, feels the blood on her head, and sees a sign meant for Emma written in what looks to be blood on the wall of the abandoned building where Will (and secretly Piper) met with Mayor Maddox. 

While Will is being strung up and left for dead, Emma’s morning consists of her egging her mom on to continue dating Sheriff Hudson while she dates his son. Kieran asks Emma if their situation is weird, and she says they’re in a trial phase, so basically their sexual misadventures don’t count as uncomfortable and a little skeevy. But before she can enjoy a nice day at school which will probably involve a lot of makeout time, she gets a text from “Will” saying “Tried to make things right last night. I failed. So sorry.” Jake and Brooke get Emma up-to-date on Will (and Jake’s activities), and Piper makes her way to the school to lead the gang back to the building.

Piper explains to Emma that Will was trying to make amends and even saved her life, and then points to the sign that reads “No Cops Emma.” Emma tells Jake and Brooke to take Piper outside as she’s definitely got at least a concussion (seriously, she needs to get that checked out ASAP), and of course she immediately receives a phone call from the killer as soon as everyone is out of earshot. Will is screaming for Emma on the other end of the line as the killer interrupts, taunts Emma about breaking Will’s heart, and then tells her that the game has changed, it’s now hide and seek, just like Daisy and Brandon used to play. The killer gets a chance to insult Emma’s mom one more time (jeez, someone’s a little sensitive) and tells her that “in time she’ll learn the truth.”

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “The game is on,” but finding Will won’t require the famous sleuth’s high skill set, all Emma needs is Noah. Noah of course, is cracking wise with Audrey about her recent stint at the police station as Suspect #1 (the girls who stare at her as she walks by prove she’s definitely not innocent in the public eye at the moment) and making jokes that he would have made a boatload of cash off selling some Audrey-related merch. If that had happened, I hope Audrey would have demanded a large percentage. Noah doesn’t tell Audrey that he was afraid she was actually capable of murder after watching the videotape, but it’s too late to really come clean as he is quickly recruited for Operation Rescue Will (Much like Leslie Knope, I shall find a better name for that later). 

Brooke confronts her father about Will’s abduction and her mother’s whereabouts, but Mayor Maddox sticks to his story: Her mother is in rehab in Arizona apparently. The sketchy mayor’s not really looking to entertain his daughter’s supposed hysterics right now, but the slight smirk he had on his face when he told Brooke he had no idea where Will was and the look of worry he had when she told him that his story was bound to come out thanks to Piper definitely make him look guilty of something. Is he the killer? Only time will tell, but his skeletons are starting to seem less connected to the main story line at the moment. 

Eventually the ragtag team assembled for Operation Saving Private Belmont (Nah, I can do better) make their way to the location to which Noah tracks Will’s phone: an abandoned bowling alley. (What is with this town and all of its creepy abandoned buildings? It’s like the town was literally designed to be a killer’s paradise.) Emma gets a call from Kieran wondering where she is as they are supposed to have a weird family dinner with their parents, which might partially be to celebrate Brock getting kicked off the homicide investigations. (Is no one else as creeped out by this family dynamic as me?) Emma asks Kieran to cover for her by saying she’s helping Audrey study, but Kieran can’t stay put during the awkward dinner and tells the parents that he’ll go pick up Emma. 

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