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Scream recap: Betrayed

Maggie’s true Brandon James connection is revealed and the killer takes another potential victim.

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Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Carlson Young
Crime, Horror, Mystery

You know how people try to analyze their dreams? Well how the hell do we analyze what on earth we just saw in Emma’s dream? Clearly the killer’s game is getting to Emma and she must still be feeling guilt over the deaths of her friends. But it’s a new day in Lakewood and there’s isn’t much time for psychoanalysis right now—another murder could happen at any minute.

This is the second week in a row that’s been low on the blood and gore count. No new murders have occurred, though by the episode’s end we see the killer take home a little victim doggie bag, and leave Piper to watch the events of Will’s abduction unfold. Emma wakes up to find her newest squeeze’s father about to do the walk of shame after a night with her mother. Maggie looks uncomfortable at Emma catching the aftermath of her lucky night, but Emma says that she’s the one who told Maggie to go for it. I’m glad Emma is happy about her mom being happy but is she really not at least a little weirded out by familial love connections going on here? Is this going to be Dan and Serena from Gossip Girl all over again? Oof, I hope not.

While Emma is out taking a new lover, her old one is making a few deals to clear his currently not-so-good name. Will talks to Piper at the coffee shop while waiting for Emma to arrive and the podcaster convinces Will to come on her show and reveal some juicy Nina stories while taking responsibility for his sleazy actions. I’m not really down with the slut-shaming going on regarding Nina in this scene; it’s not fair to let Will off by saying Nina convinced him to do things he didn’t really want to do. Or maybe I’m over-exaggerating? We still don’t know firsthand how Nina manipulated people (despite hearing stories about it) since she died about five seconds after being introduced. Will seems the slightest bit anxious about Piper’s offer, but changes his tune rather significantly when he calls Piper up to offer her an even better deal.

Noah and Audrey are still discussing the severity of Branson’s creepiness and make their way to his classroom, as Detective Brock calls in Maggie to the police station to ask her questions about how royally Sheriff Hudson screwed up the ongoing investigation. Obviously, Maggie doesn’t say anything incriminating or negative about Hudson, but Brock mentions she’s found a new suspect that was right under everyone’s eyes. Just then, officers come into Branson’s classroom and take Audrey in for questioning, all because her DNA was found on the Brandon James mask in the abandoned hospital, and thanks to her not having an confirmable alibi at the time of Nina’s death as she was with Rachel.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Jake are investigating the possible death of Brooke’s mother and check Mayor Maddox’s garage refrigeration unit for a possible dead body. Fortunately, Brooke isn’t subjected to seeing her mother’s frozen corpse, but the suspicion on her father hasn’t died down at all.

While Audrey is hauled off as suspecto número uno, Emma and Noah investigate the likelihood of Branson being the infamous murderer. After spending an afternoon bonding with Branson over his class assignment, Noah voices his doubts over Branson’s guilt. In fact, he says that Branson may have just been innocently caught in Tyler and Nina’s blackmailing scheme.

Brock attempts to question Maggie without a parent present until Hudson stops her midway and waits with Audrey for her father. Shouldn’t Brock get in trouble for this blatant disregard of the rules? Let’s hope so. While Brock and Audrey’s father talk outside the interrogation room, Audrey makes a quick call with Brock’s phone to Emma and Noah telling them to go to her house, find a specific SD card, and destroy it without watching it. They agree to the heist but because pretty much no one, especially teenagers, can resist doing something someone tells them not to do, Noah and Emma watch the video anyway. It shows a livid Audrey telling Rachel that Nina needed to pay for what she did and threatening Nina’s life in the process. Emma maintains that her friend could never actually go through with killing Nina even though she looks doubtful because, as she states, she hasn’t gotten any killer phone calls since Audrey was picked up. But Noah is surprisingly worried and says, in fact, that he always thought Audrey was capable of murder. He goes off to process the video revelation as Emma talks to her mom about Audrey and voices her doubts.

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