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Scream Queens recap: Season 2, Episode 7

Dr. Holt is forced to confront his killer hand, while the real killer sets their sights on Chanel

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Michael Becker/Fox

Scream Queens

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Emma Roberts, Lea Michele
Comedy, Horror

“Won’t this get a little bit confusing?” This week, Dr. Hawful’s lingering question is still doing just that — lingering. Last week, the reveal of Cascade and Hawful as two of the three killers was a showstopping moment, but it’s beginning to get a tad too confusing keeping up with who’s doing what. Now, Holt’s serial-killer past is catching up with him, too, which means this entire staff is now under the potential attack of four killers. Can we get a break?

While not quite a killer himself, Dr. Holt does have that pesky problem of an evil hand. Remember how one of the surgeon’s hands used to belong to a serial killer? Well, that terrifying limb decides it’s time to really take over its host. As Holt becomes increasingly stressed, the hand gains more control over his arm; when Holt even attempts to gain some comfort, the hand knows how to ruin it all. Slapping him in the middle of the night, giving him a wedgie while doing yoga, and throwing salt into dinners are just a few of the ways the reincarnated killer hand is ruining Holt’s life. If that wasn’t enough, Munsch has decided to put Holt in the spotlight for a dangerous surgery. Duct-taping his arm to his side won’t work on a surgery, that’s for sure.

Let’s move on to the full-blown serial killer, Dr. Cascade. Even though we know his true identity, there’s still an air of mystery around the young doctor. For one, why does he still believe he’s dead? Thankfully, #3 isn’t going to sit around wondering, and instead decides to take a psychiatric approach to the issue. What better way to figure out if his condition is mental than a good old personality test? Pulling from the most professional sources, including Cosmopolitan, #3 drills into Cascade’s mind to see if he really is making up his “dead” condition. It turns out he’s mistaken and is, in fact, alive and well. What she fails to reveal to him, though, is she now knows he’s a psychopath, immediately giving her the nagging feeling that Cascade is the Green Meanie.

For some reason #3 reveals this news to #5 — who doesn’t take it so well — but is that really so shocking, seeing how the Meanie has tried to kill her twice? To make matters worse, #5 subtly conveys this to Chanel, and now there seems to be no hope for Cascade to get away with his deeds. There has to be more to Cascade than his literal killer instincts, and #3 sees the sweet man underneath.

Let’s make this even more complicated, shall we? Hawful, being her awful self, decides that instead of putting on the Green Meanie costume herself, she’ll have Cascade take out her next targets for her. Of course, the no. 1 victim on her list is none other than Chanel, whom Cascade doesn’t seem too pleased to have to kill (but he doesn’t really show any signs of being against the idea, either). However, Hawful also wants #3 killed, and this puts Cascade in a position to staunchly defend the woman he loves. Sure, he needs to kill people to feel normal, but Hawful is exploiting that and choosing the only person he truly cares about as the next punching bag.

Before any actual killing can occur, #3 confesses her love for Cascade, and even admits she knows he’s the real killer. Cascade doesn’t seem too shocked to hear this, and he, too, professes his love for the Chanel clone. He knows he has to at least kill the leader of the Chanel gang, but #3 thinks if she can divert Cascade’s attention, he’ll lose the desire to kill altogether. I’m sure Hawful will be okay with this… Not.

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