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Scream Queens recap: Season 2, Episode 3

Just when the hospital is gaining recognition, the Green Devil takes out a beloved character

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Michael Becker/Fox

Scream Queens

TV Show
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Emma Roberts, Lea Michele
Comedy, Horror

Hospital Halloween Massacre was the backdrop of this entire killing spree, and this week, we finally get more answers as to whom this new killer could possibly be. Of course, there are plenty of jokes that don’t land properly mixed in, but stay tuned for the tragic passing of a major character. Off we go, back to the latest murder of poor, wart-covered Tyler.

Chanel jumps from her sudden realization that a serial killer is on the loose to blaming the entire situation on #5. Before a complete argument can unravel, Munsch enters to take care of business. Working together, the ladies wheel Tyler’s lasered body to the swamp behind the hospital. Very Norman Bates in Psycho, eh? And wasn’t there a body back in the day that was dumped into the ominous swamp? Hmm, this mystery is coming together perhaps.

In one of the more gruesome scenes we’ve had, Chad’s medically jumpy friend is seemingly cured of his strange illness that would send him into fits of tears upon hearing even the smallest sound. As he celebrates his fresh outlook on life, the elevator pops open, with our wonderful new green killer slowly stalking toward his new victim. It wouldn’t be Scream Queens without this kill taking on a goofy quality, and as the Green Devil slices his way through the man’s chest, the victim just says how much it hurts. Duh. It looks like he was only able to enjoy his cure for a minute or two!

Back with the body disposal gang, they meet with Hester to get any information they can on the killer. Hester Lecter doesn’t give any new information on the possible identity of the green ghoul, but her demands get a little more complicated. Munsch isn’t having it though, so instead of trying to figure out the best course of action to appease the psycho, she throws up a copy of A Room With a View on VHS to semi give her what she wants. For some reason, Munsch receives a text from Chad and thinks that he can actually offer something worth hearing. Of course, all he shares is his fear of Dr. Holt’s serial killer hand. Oh right, in case you forgot, Holt’s hand is actually a donor hand from one of the country’s most notorious serial killers. While this is a pretty clear sign that there’s something to look out for with the hunky doctor, everyone seems too hung up on whose sperm is better. Munsch clears this all up, stating Chad was the worst lay she ever had, so that at least shuts down Radwell’s ego for about two minutes.

Since this is a hospital and all, the gang gets a new patient, played in a random but welcome cameo by Cheri Oteri. Now, so far this season has been about odd medical marvels, like the wolf hair syndrome and the uncontrollable urge to scream at lava lamps, but miss Oteri’s problem, persistent genital arousal disorder, causes her to have several orgasms within minutes. She says her husband left her after realizing she had been faking orgasms their entire marriage.

Speaking of actual odd afflictions, Dr. Cascade decides that he can finally open up to #3 about his real reason for practicing medicine. We all know he’s perpetually cold, and apparently this is because he’s dead. Really. Back in college, the budding doctor got a little too wasted, passed out on his bed, and made the mistake of not sleeping on his side in case he vomited in the middle of the night. When he woke up the next morning, there was a clear sign that he had thrown up (chunks all over the boys face) and his pulse had stopped. Ever since, he can’t get warm and dogs don’t bark at him anymore. Of course, #3 is barely fazed by this and instead provides a warm embrace. Perhaps this weirdo will be the one to cure the dead doctor’s strange disease.

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