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'Scream Queens' recap: 'Mommie Dearest'

One more sorority sister’s light got snuffed out.

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Scream Queens

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Don’t you see? We all have mommy issues. They say if a girl doesn’t have a healthy attachment to their mother, they never feel safe in the world.

Subtlety has never been a defining characteristic of Ryan Murphy’s work, and the latest episode of Scream Queens is no exception. This hour was all about mothers — or, more accurately, how our relationship with our mother can really f— us up.

The first maternal moment: Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Munsch giving a sly send-up of the infamous shower scene in Psycho. (In case your film history knowledge isn’t as extensive as Jennifer’s candle collection, Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, played the bathing beauty stabbed to death in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 film.) But the Dean is no neophyte: “I saw that movie 50 times,” she yells after the Red Devil pulls the curtain aside to find the steamy tub empty.

But it looks as though the odds may be stacked against Dean Munsch, because in addition to a second Red Devil, a third thug clad in a Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia mask joins the fray. Our worries are short-lived, though: The Dean spent a year abroad dating a boy who frequented the illegal fighting pits of Hong Kong, and he taught her everything he knows (after she taught him everything she knows about sex). She makes quick work of the three, who eventually flee the scene (but not before the Dean gets in a few political licks aimed at Scalia).

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Back at Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel gathers her army of Chanels to find out what evidence they’ve gathered in support of her theory that Grace and Zayday are the killers. And, well, the exhibits are weak sauce, to be sure. No. 6 has learned that Grace and Zayday are both on the pill and have synced up (“Those who pill together kill together”), while No. 5 has uncovered a mysterious anagram of Zayday’s name (“I may slay Liz Daw”). So maybe Liz Daw should watch her back, but none of this is incriminating, which is where No. 3 comes in: She offers Denise Hemphill, who has moved in to the sorority house, $3 million (basically, the ability to buy a Sandals resort and work there part-time as a security guard) in exchange for evidence proving Zayday is the killer.

Meanwhile, the Dean has had a change of heart and decides to give Grace the name of the Bathtub Baby’s mother: Sophia Doyle. Grace is clearly disappointed that the name in the file doesn’t match her own mother’s name — she’s been certain she’s the Bathtub Baby all along. Munsch reveals another (albeit small) piece of information: Namely, that another girl (whose identity she doesn’t know) snatched up the Bathtub Baby and fled. Grace takes Sophia’s identity to Pete, and they begin investigating, but without a Social Security number, they come up short. Then, epiphany: They must start at the beginning. And by beginning, I mean the Hag at Shady Lane. She was probably arrested or committed at some point, right? Sure! They return to the mental hospital from last week and question the woman who paints them all. She shows them a likeness of Gigi. And then a likeness of Gigi holding two babies (a boy and a girl). Are we now looking for Bathtub Babies, plural?

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