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Scorpion premiere react: Season 3, Episode 1

Friends don’t let friends wear ankle boots when saving the world from nuclear warfare

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Richard Cartwright/CBS


TV Show
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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
Action, Drama

Remember how last season of Scorpion ended so calmly, with Toby almost dying and Happy turning down his proposal and Paige running off with Armstrong and Walter speeding after them in a car? Oh, yeah. I guess Scorpion didn’t end so calmly after all.

So it’s no surprise that when we return for season 3’s aptly titled “Civil War” and “More Civil War,” we’re stuck between the drama of a government aircraft gone rogue and the conclusion of Walter chasing after Paige in Lake Tahoe. Of course, in Lake Tahoe, that inconvenient dreamboat we call Shadow Cabe woos Paige and lays a big kiss on her just as Walter shows up. Walter doesn’t make his presence known, but he doesn’t have to — Cabe calls the whole team back to the garage to handle those pesky rogue planes.

And speaking of planes, Cabe throws Armstrong, Paige, and Walter on one plane together. It’s only the second-most awkward place to be, just behind the garage where a drunk Toby meets up with a married Happy. He confronts her and immediately throws my last-season theory out the window: Happy is not married to Collins, but she is married to someone…someone she doesn’t love. In the meantime, she asks Toby to trust her. But once the team gets back together, the main focus in the garage is to get control of the American aircrafts that have been hacked. Admiral Pace shows up to address the case, but the longer the team works on it, the more it’s obvious: The wounds from last season’s finale are still very fresh.

But if there’s any time to focus up, it’s now, because one of those fighter jets that were digitally taken over has shot down the other one. And right after that disaster, the team discovers the nation as a whole has been rendered defenseless. And here we thought Lake Tahoe was a problem. Paige points out they have a direct connection to the remaining pilot, June, and that the hackers might be able to hear them. Toby calls them out, but they don’t respond, so Toby deduces the hackers must not speak English. In the Scorpion way, that small amount of information gets us all the way to a full profile. Walter keeps Paige behind and sends Armstrong off with Sly to BULGARIA, because if a man gets in the way of you and your woman, you send him to Eastern Europe.

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