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Scorpion season 2 finale recap: Toby or Not Toby

After an action packed hour, Scorpion pushes one couple together and pulls another one apart

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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
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“Toby or Not Toby?” That is the biggest Scorpion question tonight.

Throughout the season, we’ve seen the focus shared a little bit more. It’s not just Walter’s story, and if season 2 has really gotten one thing right, it’s helping to tell the stories of each character. But of all of those stories, it seems that Dr. Tobias Curtis’ has been one of the most complicated. After a season of near-death and silly jokes, it’s Toby who has risen up to commit to Happy, give up his gambling, and buy an engagement ring for her. But that’s where we left off last week, when Mark Collins returned to knock Toby out, stuff him in a van, and take him to a warehouse, so I’ll ask again: Toby, or not Toby? This week, I hope the answer is “not Toby,” because otherwise, he might just end up dead.

The Backstory

We start up the finale seeing that Toby has been all tied up in a warehouse. Collins tells him to drink up because it’s going to be a long day. But of course, back in the warehouse, it’s just your every day jazz fest with Shadow Cabe and Paige. That’s what happens when you give your pseudo-girlfriend and her gentleman friend tickets to the jazz festival that you actually wanted to invite her to… WALTER.

But the situation shifts pretty quickly when Happy and the team realize that Toby never showed up for work. The first conclusion that Happy jumps to is that he’s back on a gambling bender. But when Cabe rejoins the group, he lets them know that Mark Collins has broken out of the asylum and is on the loose. Happy and Walter can’t help but think that Toby’s disappearance can’t be a coincidence. What’s tricky is that Sly knew where he was going the night before (because of the ring), but he doesn’t want to reveal because, you know, surprise engagements are surprise for a reason y’all.

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Meanwhile, in a warehouse, Mark Collins and Toby are still hanging out like bros do. But instead of a nice game on the Xbox, we finally find out why Collins has taken Toby and gone nuts — he found out that Megan died (RIP, girl), and he figured Walter must have worked on brain freezing technology, so he’s going to leverage Toby for it. The gang ends up back at the parking garage where Toby was kidnapped, and that’s where they find his phone. Almost immediately, Collins manages to wire Toby’s phone that he left behind to call them. And then he explains that he has Toby tied to a metal chair, connected to a battery, and he’s not afraid to fry the doctor if he doesn’t get Walter’s research.

The Mission

Walter doesn’t want to turn it over because if Collins combines his information with Walter’s, he can create mind-reading capabilities that, for obvious reasons, would be a huge problem. Happy, Paige, and Shadow Cabe are sent to Millcrest Psychiatric Hospital to do as much research as possible and break his plan apart. They find that he created a signal booster to gain Internet access while he was there. That signal is used to transmit his crazy radio plan that has helped him communicate with Scorpion thus far. Shadow Cabe goes to the hospital kitchen, somehow uses his basic Jason Street knowledge to deduce that Collins documented his entire plan to transmit radio signals anonymously in oil on a metal table (because, why not?), and sends it back to Walter and Sly, but the team isn’t working fast enough because Collins jumps in and shocks Toby for the first time, and guys, Toby screams are NOT very fun at all.

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