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'Super Fun Guys'

Sometimes the only way to get stuff done is in spandex.

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Neil Jacobs/CBS


TV Show
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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
Action, Drama

Superheroes are known for their costumes and their superpowers and their nemeses, but if anything defines a superhero, it’s his or her weakness. Mine happens to be pizza. But then again, I’m not a superhero — not in the way that Team Scorpion is. Calling Happy, Cabe, Toby, Sylvester, Walter, and even Paige a band of superheroes isn’t a stretch if you think about the number of times they’ve slyly saved humanity, but like I said…with every superhero comes a weakness, and this week, we dive into those.

The backstory

We start with Sylvester aptly reading Megan a comic book: Super Fun Guy.  Who knows exactly what Super Fun Guy does, but whatever his powers are, they’re not enough for Megan’s tremors because she has to undergo more intensive treatment for her MS. She asks Sylvester to be there when she wakes up, but he can’t tell anyone, especially Walter.

Back at #TeamScorpion’s warehouse, Toby is still boxing with Cabe. He even punches a hole in the wall, which would be way more exciting if that wall wasn’t water damaged and worthless. Per the usual, we’re interrupted by Katherine Cooper, who will only be referred to as Katherine from now on because she’s more laid back and accessible than that pant-suit warrior, Adriana Molina.

The Mission

Katherine delivers news about some casual nuclear missile bidding happening at Kazakhstan. The starting price is $20 million, which seems like a steal considering that the starting price for Olivia Pope’s auction was a cool $25 million. The plan for Scorpion is to find where the nuclear missile is stored and report back, and then Navy SEALs will do the rest, but like, when was the last time that the SEALs actually got to do their job? Answer: never.

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They’ll be moonlighting as a film crew for the movie version of Super Fun Guy, which is practically Sylvester’s dream come true — that’s when we come to our first weakness: Megan calls Sylvester and asks if he can still make it to her procedure tomorrow. YIKES. He immediately tells Walter that he can’t go, but he won’t tell him why because love is patient, love keeps secrets, etc.

The execution

Paige has been chosen as the face of the film crew, partially because of Katherine McPhee’s ease with stage work after Smash, partially because her character, Paige, is the most socially aware. As the mission kicks off, the team has a close call with a suspect stranger, but ultimately, Walter and company use their x-ray camera to identify where the missile is hidden.

The stranger comes back, though, and holds Paige at gunpoint because he’s not just a stranger after all. Thinking fast, Walter blinds him with their camera, and Cabe tackles him.

Even with the gunman captured, the mission is still in jeopardy, and the Navy SEALs that were going to come snatch up that missile are grounded. That’s when Scorpion comes up with the plan to take a tunnel in and douse the bomb, made of enriched uranium, in nitric acid…because who doesn’t have a little nitric acid lying around?

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