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Scorpion recap: Robots

An underwater mission leaves half of Team Scorpion in peril.

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Sonja Flemming/CBS


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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
Action, Drama

A bright red cartoon crab once sang, “We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea.” I’m here to tell you that he is wrong. There’s a whole list of things that has happened under the sea that is absolutely, undeniably terrifying. And this week, half of #TeamScorpion is caught down there.

When we come back this week, Cabe is still teaching Toby how to throw a punch. Apparently it’s taken him a whole week to start to get it down. It’s also taken a whole week for Happy to get back from her date. It only takes seven hours to extract an international criminal from Cuba, but anything else? Seven days. There’s no time to hop into Happy and Toby’s tangled web or to explore why Ray is sleeping at the team’s warehouse because a more accessible, initially likeable Adriana Molina has arrived.

Katherine Cooper is Adriana Molina’s deputy, which means that she’s very familiar with administrative duties. It doesn’t mean that Adriana Molina is gone — it just means that she doesn’t want to deal with the Scorpion gang. If these guys understood social cues, they would realize this is Adriana Molina’s way of throwing long-distance shade. Katherine has come to take Cabe, Happy, and Walter into a submarine for a black ops mission. She’s equally demanding, but oddly more charming.

In short, Happy, Walter, and Cabe drop into a submarine and suddenly, it gets very NCIS. Walter determines that this isn’t just a regular group of soldiers, and that’s when he finds out that these are super-trained engineer soldiers that seem to be led by Ensign Hall. Meanwhile, on land, Toby almost immediately figures out where the submarine is. Ensign Hall is NOT okay with that and makes the team give up their earpieces, leaving them all alone under the sea.

As Happy connects to the underwater communications panel that will transmit the information that the team has been tasked with accessing, she and Walter realize that it’s a trap. It’s too late, though, because an underwater bomb has exploded, leaving Happy, Walter, Cabe, and Hall in the worst re-creation of the Titanic since its movie sequel. The team only has an hour and ten minutes left to escape. Happy tries to fix the communications panel and releases a live wire that almost kills everyone. Not great, Happy.

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Elsewhere, Paige has been tasked with getting Ray’s car out of the pound — it’s quite a departure from saving Los Angeles from an A-bomb via weather balloon, but she seems pretty chill about it. Love her or hate her (and you better love her because Katharine McPhee’s major in college was Saving Everyone’s Lives), she’s called upon by Toby and Sylvester, who have been using an actual hotdog as a submarine, to go to Katherine Cooper’s office to ask for help.

Elsewhere, along with Leonardo DiCaprio’s frozen body and the Heart of the Ocean, the team decides that their best chance for survival is to send Cabe out in an escape suit. He volunteers because Happy and Walter are too critical to risk. Cabe gives the team his signature Cabe look and disappears out of the submarine and into the light. Not the death light — he went to the actual light. And then he launched a flare and took a well-deserved float while waiting on someone to rescue the submarine.

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