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Scorpion recap: Chernobyl Intentions

In the penultimate episode, a familiar face returns to throw a wrench into our favorite couple

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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
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Let’s have a Scorpion history lesson, shall we?

The (Extended) Backstory

Mark Collins is back, guys. If you had forgotten (like I nearly did), Mark used to be a part of Scorpion, and some would argue he was Walter’s favorite genius, but then Walter had him committed because he got a little too smart for his own good, and by smart, I mean literally bonkers. Mark is a conspiracy theorist — kind of like your friend who gets too deep in the theory that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey, or that Michael Jackson is alive and simply moonlighting as Tilda Swinton. In short, Mark is great at a party after three beers but kind of awful when you’re trying to save the world. Luckily, Toby is at his home (asylum, whatever) to ensure that his diagnosis sticks.

Back at the warehouse, the team is taking turns guessing what flavor each chocolate is that Shadow Cabe sent to Paige, which causes Walter to spit his chocolate out. Oh, Walter. Toby checks in from the asylum to let Walter know that Mark is still “deep down the rabbit hole,” but Walter’s a little preoccupied with this Tim Armstrong business. He’s doing everything he can to try and trump Armstrong’s relationship with Paige except for, you know, actually trying to win her back.

The Mission

A nice Russian lady shows up to deliver this week’s mission. Some say she’s a nuclear energy council chief, but for tonight, we’re privileged to simply call her Oksana. She gives us some backstory on Chernobyl and how Soviet Russia paid to build a huge concrete dome over it to stop radiation from leaking out, but that concrete dome is not holding up. As it decays, cracks are opening up a hole for the radiation to escape, which will affect almost all of Eastern Europe’s soil and water supply. If they can fix the dome, they can hold off the radiation for another 150 years, making the entire area safe again, but the area around Chernobyl has been weakened, and Team Scorpion must investigate to find the strongest areas to seal off the area.

The Execution

So Happy, Sylvester, and Walter get to work on how to fix the dome. The team doesn’t have to actually enter because of Happy’s radiation-investigating-machine that she’s named RANDY. The machine will investigate from the ground, but they also need to check out the area from the air. Oksana conveniently also has a pilot’s license, in addition to being a nuclear specialist. She enlists Sly to come along with her, but naturally, he freaks out. Paige agrees to go in with him to calm him down because that’s what us Paiges do — we fix people. Meanwhile, Toby is left back at the warehouse to track the radiation, and it seems that there are more leaks than the team originally thought. Unfortunately, one of the first things RANDY notices is that the amount of corium in the dome could cause a whole other Chernobyl situation. RANDY blows up from the corium, causing a huge blast. As a result, Oksana flies directly into the explosion’s smoke, losing control of the plane, and crashing directly into the dome with Paige and Sly in tow.

Surprisingly, everyone is really chill after the plane crash and begins to dig out Paige and Sylvester. RANDY is a goner, though, because if the radiation wasn’t enough, the molten corium did him in. And then, of course, a water pipe bursts over the corium, creating a blast of radioactive steam. I’m not worried about the scientific fallacies here as much as I’m mystified that Paige’s white power blazer is completely spotless.

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Meanwhile, outside of the dome, Walter, Happy, and Cabe develop a plan to get Paige, Sly, and Oksana out by attaching chains to a carousel that will help pull the plane out of the dome. But time is running out because radioactivity is casually seeping through that blazer and into the bodies of our trapped trio. In the face of disaster, Oksana is about as useful as a New York City press secretary in a TV musical drama, but in true Paige fashion, she sticks it out with her. Happy starts the carousel and begins to pull the plane out, but it gets stuck. Paige hops out to dislodge a sign that’s holding the plane back, but when she does, she gets thrown back and hurts her knee. Her blazer? Still spotless. But the knee got some damage. Walter runs into the dome after her just in time for another dome collapse, and this time, there’s no carousel plan to save them.

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