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Scorpion recap: Arrivals and Departures

In the face of deadly mold, Team Scorpion has to say goodbye to one of its own.

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Ron P. Jaffe/CBS


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Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
Action, Drama

We can’t say that we didn’t see it coming, but if there’re three things you can’t run from in life, it’s death, taxes, and toxic mold. The most important of the three tonight is death: Week after week, Megan’s health continued to decline, but tonight after a lifelong fight with multiple sclerosis, #TeamScorpion said goodbye to Walter’s sister and Sylvester’s wife (BECAUSE THEY GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK), Megan O’Brien. Tonight is not just any Scorpion episode — it’s an emotional journey. Think of Katharine McPhee’s finale night rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and then double it. It’s that emotional. Let’s discuss. 

The Back Story

The week kicks off with Walter, Paige, and Happy on a high-speed journey through Los Angeles. Cabe has even called in a couple favors to the LAPD to help Walter bypass traffic. The first mission of the night is to…pick up Louise and Sean O’Brien from the airport. Walter and Megan’s parents have flown in from Ireland as Megan’s condition continues to deteriorate. Walter hasn’t seen them in 15 years, and I hardly would have guessed they were his parents. They look incredibly young — like “Sally Field playing Forrest Gump’s mother” young.

As they arrive at this hospital, Walter is still convinced that he can stop the inevitable. He talks about his plan to save Megan, but his dad is hearing none of it. Papa O’Brien is equally uninterested in his new son-in-law, Sylvester, who is ready to introduce himself to the family. Sean and Louise make it known that they’re here for one thing: to be with Megan as she passes.

But it can never be that easy. The hospital begins to be quarantined after a mold outbreak is uncovered. Happy and Toby discover a cafeteria worker who has began seizing, but before they can take him to be cared for, the entire hospital goes into full lockdown, leaving Happy and Toby locked in the cafeteria; Cabe stuck outside; and Paige, Walter, and Sylvester at Megan’s side.

Toby and Happy quickly link the cafeteria worker’s seizure to the blue mold that is growing on the wall. The immunology hospital staff tries to tackle the issue and figure out exactly what the mold is and how to eliminate it. While they’re at work on combating the mold, Walter is trying to figure out how to break out of the hospital so that he can do last minute research on Megan’s MS in an attempt to save her life. Paige tries to pull Walter aside and explain that he’s right where he needs to be, but it’s simply not enough for Walter.

The Execution

As the outbreak progresses, time isn’t working in anyone’s favor. As Megan continues to decline, Happy and Toby are trapped in the cafeteria with a very pregnant woman and a handful of other hospital patrons. Toby marks the wall to help track how quickly the mold’s spores are spreading because once it reaches the ventilation system, the entire hospital will be infected. They return back to the kitchen to check on the seizing patient and find blood on his leg. After inspecting the wound and his shoe, Happy and Toby realize that the mold has come from his shoe and is way more aggressive than they originally believed it to be. The fungus is a specific Meliola that is associated with gold, and if it’s treated with pesticide, its ability to reproduce increases exponentially.

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As per usual, our geniuses know more than the doctors, who are treating the mold with pesticide. Walter attempts to warn the doctors over the PA system, but it’s too late. As it reproduces, the doctors pass out on the floor, leaving the entire immunology staff on nap duty during the worst of times. Walter and Papa O’Brien run to the doors, sealing it off with putty, but the mold isn’t contained. Cabe has alerted the CDC, but it will take four hours for them to get there, which, according to Happy and Toby’s Mold Watch 2015, is about three hours too late.

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