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Scandal finale recap: That's My Girl

Olivia makes a move to save Jake — but it plays right into her father’s hands

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ABC/Byron Cohen


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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young
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Even when Olivia is taking her father’s advice and gunning for power, it’s all being done according to his plan.

Tonight’s season finale ends with the Republican National Convention and Mellie announcing a vice presidential candidate she had no say in and no idea of the behind-the-scenes motivations for getting him there. Not a great way to start a potential presidency.

And on the Democrat side, Frankie Vargas has his running mate, too — Cyrus, ready to get back in the White House. As he tells Olivia, by the end of this election, one of them will be in the Oval. And Jake, it seems, has traded one Pope captor for another.

As the episode begins, the words on everybody’s lips are “vice president” — as in, who will Mellie Grant and Frankie Vargas pick as their running mates? Cyrus goes to David Rosen’s office (didn’t Fitz demand his resignation last week over the dropped sugar investigation? Apparently he still has his job, so I digress) and asks if he’d be Vargas’ VP. Over at OPA, it’s down to three options that all hit the three M’s — Male, Married, and Military — but one guy, Wagner, stands out as the best of the bunch, except for the fact that he and a buddy sold cocaine in college. Quinn and Huck find that former pal and tell him he’s moving out of town under a new name. No, he doesn’t have a choice. Bye, friend!

Edison passes Jake’s SOS message to Olivia, and initially she won’t do anything, fearing that if she does try to help him escape, her father will kill him. And Rowan’s already making more moves on Jake’s behalf, offering to throw a cool $30 million — that’d be Vanessa’s father’s money, no doubt — behind Vargas’ campaign, but he’d have to add Jake as VP. If not, Rowan tells Cyrus privately, he’ll tell Vargas who really organized that shooting in Harrisburg.

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