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Scandal recap: Buckle Up

Olivia and Abby’s campaign war heads to Florida (once it gets off the tarmac)

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Nicole Wilder/ABC


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The election has gone south this week — geographically speaking, to Florida, where a key endorsement is up for grabs. But Olivia and Abby’s relationship has also taken a massive dive as things get down to the wire for their respective campaigns.

It pains me to see Liv and Abby at odds — the show is so much better when these two are on the same team! But with Olivia managing Mellie’s campaign and Abby on Team Susan as the president’s chief of staff (which seems like it would not be a thing that would happen in real life, but I digress), things between them have gotten tense. They won’t even share an elevator.

The next state on the campaign trail is Florida, where an endorsement from the governor would lock up enough delegates to secure a commanding lead. As Sally Langston puts it on The Liberty Report, “May the best woman win.”

Florida’s Gov. Baker is inviting all the Republican candidates to a dinner, where they’ll have to plead their case in hopes of winning her favor. But first, they’ve got to get to Florida. With Susan Ross’ plane already en route, Abby schemes up some “mechanical problems” on Air Force One, which means no other planes on the tarmac — including the one carrying Mellie Grant, Olivia, and the Gladiators — can take off.

Olivia fires back by going directly to the press, leaking news that the plane’s issues are bogus. Abby calls the Grant campaign desperate, Liv brings up all the other stranded passengers being held up by this mess, and both say voters’ anger at the other candidate will be reflected in the voting booth. Marcus tells Mellie to appeal directly to Fitz, and she does, causing a press frenzy when she steps onto the tarmac and waits patiently in front of her ex-husband’s plane. Despite Abby’s protests, he goes out to meet her.

Fitz and Mellie have a nice, civil conversation that takes a turn when Mellie jokes that things between Liv and Abby have gotten so bad that one could “go full Tonya Harding” on the other and kill her. Fitz grasps onto that poor choice of words and tells her (with the media watching, so neither of them can really react) that Olivia killed Andrew — she didn’t hire anyone to do it; she did it herself with her bare hands. Mellie tells him Liv has seemed like a different person — there, but not there — and now she knows why. Fitz asks Mellie to make sure Olivia sleeps, runs, and eats, which are very weird things to talk to your ex-wife about regarding your former mistress, but this is Scandal we’re talking about here.

Fitz gets the plane to move, and Olivia is mad at Mellie for pulling the stunt, even though it worked — they’ll get to the dinner late, but they’ll get there. But there might be a better way, and Liv makes a call and asks Abby to turn the plane around.

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