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'Scandal' recap: 'Where's the Black Lady?'

Olivia’s lovers, friends, and enemies–and really, aren’t they all the same thing–mobilize to find her.

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Last week, we spent all of Scandal focused on Olivia’s plight. Now we’re getting the other side, as all of Olivia’s many friends and coworkers and adversaries—and aren’t they all just sort of the same?—mobilize to try and get her back.

If anyone needs a catch-up from the midseason break: The VP is a conniving, aspiring-to-the-throne asshole who was sleeping with both Liz North and Mellie, and trying to force the president into war with made-up nation West Angola. Olivia is a hostage of a man hired, probably, by the aforementioned VP (it hasn’t been officially confirmed). 

Team Olivia Pope is on the job—Jake, Huck, and Quinn are analyzing Liv’s last proof-of-life video. They’re harassing Liz North and doing their darndest to discover where she’s being held. Liv’s mid-video glass-trick gives them a lead on a face that goes nowhere. In the grand pantheon of Scandal operatives, at this moment, these three are the most effective and useful—which is a refreshing and new situation giving last year’s psychosexual C-plot nonsense.

Huck has gone completely cray. He’s showing up in the bedroom of Liz North’s daughter and using all his psychotic powers of persuasion to get her to relinquish information. We forget, because the series hasn’t always used him well, that Huck on paper is a f—ing terrifying person. Is it surprising to anyone that Huck would flay Liz North in order to get his patron back? It’s more surprising to me that Liz North admits this to Mellie. 

So focused on finding Liv, Pope and Associates ignore the initial queries of former Jefferson’s maid Marla Gibbs, who is asking after her missing friend. (Not Liv, but her elderly neighbor who was murdered last episode in order to get Liv out of the building.) Finally, Quinn picks up on the hint and the team goes to the neighbor’s apartment and discovers the ring Liv has left for them, Hansel and Gretel style. This leads to lots of techno-chasing of Liv to no effect.

NEXT: Negotiations for all…