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Scandal recap: Black Huck Down

Olivia spends the night with Jake; Fitz and Mellie tell the story of their first date

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Scandal 218
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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It’s quite the Scandalicious week here at EW, wouldn’t you say? It feels almost too decadent to have such a great episode as well. Not that we’re complaining.

In one of the most suspenseful episodes of the season, “Molly, You In Danger Girl” raised the stakes for nearly everyone, and closed the door for some. (Sorry Molly, we barely knew you.) And in 44 minutes, our entire understanding of the Scandalverse may have changed forever. Who the heck are we supposed to trust now?!

So, Scandalites, let’s build up to that bananas reveal.

We didn’t leave the Osborne thread dangling for long. Even CIA directors have spouses and spouses know when to spot a fake suicide. Osborne’s wife Susan went straight to Olivia Pope to try to get more definitive proof that her husband was set up. So, for the first time in a while, the Scandal of the week actually related to the mid-season arc. Albatross has now completely consumed the show, and will probably continue to do so ’til the end of the season. It’s kind of funny how everybody and nobody knows who Olivia Pope is. I wouldn’t doubt that the CIA director’s wife would be aware of her, but Olivia’s “fixing” business seems to run along the edge of being public enough that folks in distress can just storm in with a problem whenever they want, and private enough that it’s not so immediately suspect to the press when she’s around managing a crisis.

OPA didn’t believe Susan (or Suzie, but that’s just for Graydon) at first. They saw a grieving widow who didn’t want to accept that her husband couldn’t handle the shame and public disgrace of being exposed as the mole in the CIA, responsible for endangering the lives of American hostages and leaking confidential information to the highest bidder. But perhaps Olivia’s gut is back. After a few minutes with Mrs. Osborne behind closed doors, she decided to take the case and the gladiators started digging back into Albatross. Which is all fine and well except for the fact that OPA made a mistake! They made the wrong call and Osborne may have died because of it. It was kind of all Molly’s fault, though. She led them on the wrong path willingly and all the pieces fit perfectly. But, it’s hard not to be a little disappointed that they’re not always perfect.

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