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Scandal recap: Enemies of the State

David challenges the decision to torture Huck, while Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie scheme to keep Fitz’s Presidency intact

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young
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It was inevitable. A show this juicy that so many EW staffers watch just for fun? How were we not recapping it already? Anyway, we’re really excited to start in the middle of season 2. Things are as tense as ever for Olivia Pope and team, so let’s get to it!

We jump right to the West Wing to meet up with Hollis Doyle, sitting comfortably on one of the Oval Office’s couches, telling Sally Langston she needs to inform the country that she was responsible for discovering Fitz’s shooter. She’s right there with Hollis. She wants credit, too. She’s even told the attorney general that she wanted to announce it in primetime. But “they’re” still investigating the suspect (Huck). The evidence “is circumstantial,” she says. They need a confession. Hollis thinks this is crazy. “That boy’s as guilty as a chicken feather hat!” WHAT? Is that a phrase? Hollis. You’re crazy.

And then in one of the more abrupt cuts in Scandal’s history (hello, where was the shutter flash?) we are thrown into the interrogation room where a few men are waterboarding Huck.  It’s pretty gruesome, even compared to Zero Dark Thirty. David looks on, concerned. CIA guy assures him that they always crack. David says maybe they should hold back, hesitating to use the word “waterboarding.” And then he brings up civil rights. You know, while the waterboarding is happening. The CIA guy doesn’t like this. David gets up on his Attorney General high horse, but is shut down pretty quickly. “We’re not on American soil. This is the Pentagon. And that is an enemy combatant,” says the CIA guy. “You’re a guest here. Shut your mouth.” Noble effort, David, but no dice. CIA guy: 1, David: 0.

Back at Olivia Pope and Associates, Verna comes in all distressed and tells Olivia that she’s the reason they took Huck away. The Collective (seriously, what should we call these people?) gathers pretty quickly, minus Doyle. Verna senses something fishy. He has a disposable phone in his office, she says. “A burner like the drug dealers use.” Verna watches The Wire, I guess. Everyone else is kind of like dude, Verna, lots of people keep two phones. Which…I don’t know…do they? And suddenly it becomes a generational thing.  But then Verna drops the key point of information. She heard Hollis talking on the phone about The Stanward hotel. The hotel where the sniper was. Ding, ding, ding! One for Verna. She believes he was behind the assassination attempt. The Collective looks shocked.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s foot soldiers are out doing what they do best. Harrison chats up a blonde Texan who works for Hollis Doyle. Like Hollis, blondie also uses confusing faux-folksy phrases like “oh Hollis and my daddy go back a dog’s age.” ANYWAY. Harrison’s just the distraction. Abby steals her phone out of her purse while this is happening.

Olivia and Edison meet back in her beige palace. They make out a little bit ’til the doorbell rings. It’s an army dude who asks Edison to sign with a fingerprint. But all is not well with our attractive couple. He says “saved by the bell” when the doorbell rings. Olivia is not happy. Then he tells her that Fitzy is conscious and sending the necessary letters to apply to be reinstated as President. Olivia gets all teary-eyed and angry and happy and leaves in a rush.

NEXT: Did Olivia really just find out that Fitz was awake from her boyfriend?