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Scandal recap: YOLO

Sally Langston goes off the deep end as Olivia discovers the truth about her parents

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Richard Cartwright/ABC


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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young
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When did Scandal become part of the Saw franchise? When we last saw the Gladiators, Mama Pope was gnawing on her wrist as a pre-Thanksgiving snack. And on Thursday, we kicked off the episode with Huck gleefully torturing Quinn and then wrapped things up with a bloody finish (more on that later!). Meanwhile, any potentially soapy moments — erotic photos (James and Daniel Douglas), a post-bondage makeout session (Quinn and Charlie), and a face-lick (shudder, Huck and Baby Huck) — were just super creepy.

But let’s lead you through this carnival ride step by step, just like Jigsaw would: Huck has Quinn wrapped up in duct tape after he discovers she’s teamed up with B613. He’s just about to tear her teeth out one by one when Quinn is saved by the bell: Olivia calls Huck to tell him her mother is alive and in her apartment. He tells her to get to the safe house, and Quinn is breathing a sigh of relief just as Huck decides he has time for at least one tooth. “What’s that stupid thing the kids are saying? YOLO?” Huck asks, taking way too much joy in this. “YOLO, Quinn.”

Meanwhile, in a different type of torture chamber, Sally Langston is meeting with campaign manager Leo Bergen and being told she has to pretend to be pro-choice in order to win as an Independent candidate. You’d think this would be difficult for the die-hard conservative, but within a minute of hearing Leo’s speech, she is abandoning her belief system. I liked Sally better when she was a ride-or-die Republican. And speaking of dishonesty, Cyrus and James are trucking along pretending like nothing happened with the VP’s husband. How long can that continue? Well, maybe for as long as Fitz and Mellie’s sham of a marriage.

Back in the Pope & Associates safe house, the gang is wondering just how Maya Pope is alive after 22 years. “You can’t show up with Dead Mama Pope and expect us to fall in line,” Abby says, before hollering at Maya: “Where’ve you been all this time?” Fair question. When they realize she escaped Command, Huck and Jake make quick work of slicing a tracking chip out of Maya’s neck. By the time Charlie shows up at the safe house, the chip is lying in a pool of blood. I’m beginning to not even flinch at the red corn syrup all over this show.