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Scandal recap: 'Vermont Is for Lovers, Too'

After a romantic getaway with Fitz, Olivia Pope is in for the surprise of her life

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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Following a tragic detour into Mellie’s past, Scandal brought us right back to Olivia Pope’s D.C. this week, and I have to say: It was comforting to reunite with Olitz and the B613 mystery. What was overshadowed by Mellie’s backstory last week was (possibly) the worst-kept secret in Shondaland: Maya Pope is alive and…not well, exactly, but alive.

We begin tonight’s episode where we left off, with Eli visiting his dearly un-departed wife in prison. And while Maya is desperate to see her little girl, Eli has a much different plan: to whisk her away to an even more secluded corner of the world.

The morning after Quinn’s first brush with B613, she’s probably wishing all she needed was a Plan B pill to forget her night out with Charlie. But she really did kill that security guard, and there’s no way her Pope & Associates colleagues won’t figure it out. She puts on a happy face and heads to the office, where they’re working to solve the murder she committed.

Cyrus, meanwhile, starts putting his plan into motion to bury VP Sally Langston by, you know, pimping out his own husband. He of course makes James think he’s doing him some big favor by landing him a puff piece for D.C. Times on Daniel Douglas, but we all know the seedy truth. Hadn’t Cy finally won James’ trust back after that whole rigging-the-presidential-election thing?

As if the Gladiators didn’t already have their hands full, OPA heads over to Josie Marcus’ place, where there’s been a break-in. A laptop with campaign info has been stolen, but the jewelry was left behind. Sister/daughter Candace is convinced it’s the Reston campaign, but Liv tells her not to make any accusations she can’t back up.

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