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Scandal recap: 'The Fluffer'

Abby takes charge, Olivia takes advantage of Jake, and Fitz’s life is in danger

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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Abby is in charge! And in case her stating that fact to Cyrus isn’t enough of a tell, her flowing white Olivia Pope-approved coat (above) should say it all. But she’s got a big task ahead of her. The White House isn’t exactly interested in poll numbers and campaign events; Andrew’s black eye hasn’t even healed from Fitz socking him after learning of his tryst with Mellie. Abby is going to need more than a white coat to work Olivia’s magic.

So where is Miss Pope? She’s teamed up with evil incarnate, also known as her dad. The takedown of B613 will be a family affair. And after promising his daughter that he won’t touch a hair on Fitz’s head, Rowan proceeds to spill all of B613’s financial secrets. One person not too happy about teaming up with the former Command? Huck. He’s convinced that Rowan wants something from Olivia and that’s the only reason he’s helping. Huck must have trust issues because of that time Rowan put him in a hole and tortured him. Way to hold a grudge.

Back in the White House, Mellie asks Andrew not to call her anymore, but he’s not listening. He says the first lady deserves to be with someone who doesn’t just pretend to love her but actually loves her. No matter if you love or hate Mellie, I think we can agree that’s totally true. Too bad presidents can’t get divorces. But it isn’t all relationship melodrama in D.C.: Governor Reston is earning some points in the presidential race by visiting his wife in prison. What a mensch!

Another Fitz problem? Jeannine Locke — yes, the woman who had a fabricated affair with the president. But she’s capitalizing on that life-ruining rumor by writing a book all about their fake fling. Smart girl! And the intrepid Capitol Hill reporters are asking the tough questions: Is the president a breadstick or a baguette? “Definitely a baguette.” My favorite part of this whole story is the title of her memoir: Taken for Granted. Puns get me every time.

But Fitz isn’t focusing on this Jeannine problem; he just wants to get Andrew off his ticket. And Liv isn’t having it, calling kicking Andrew to the curb “an amateur move.” She then runs through a list of other services she could provide, from being Fitz’s nanny to his dealer. “Am I your fluffer?” she asks the flipping president of the United States. “I’m not the bad guy,” Fitz barks at her. The real issue: Fitz needs Andrew and Mellie to win this race, so he needs to get over their affair and make nice. I have to say, we get the best speeches when Olitz are at odds, so I’ll take a hostile back-and-forth any day over a make-out session by the Oval Office curtains. What about you, Gladiators?

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