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Scandal recap: Another Chance

An extended flashback reveals Huck’s origin story; Olivia and President Grant argue in the hospital

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Scandal 219 Seven Fifty Two
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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An anxious repetition of a series of numbers and an extended flashback and origin story? Scandal took a little bit of a break from intense action and suspense and ventured into Lost territory this week, giving viewers a few Olivia and Fitz moments and an emotional look at who Huck was.

In “Seven Fifty-Two,” we finally get some insight into why Huck is the way he is. In order to do that, Scandal needed to answer a few questions. What does it take to break Huck? And how do you bring him back from the brink?

I’d like to say that these three weeks between new episodes of Scandal just flew by unnoticed, but that would be a lie. This has been agony. That three-week gap really ate at the momentum Scandal had earned by the end of Episode 18. So, for our collective sanity,  let’s just go over a few key plot points. In Molly, You in Danger Girl, Huck was captured and tortured by someone (we assume Charlie) and awesomely rescued by Quinn. Olivia spent the night with Jake, found his security feed of her apartment (where she saw someone — again, probably Charlie — breaking into her apartment), and ended up in the hospital after a struggle to get away from Jake. And Jake, well, Jake and Mysterious Park Bench Man continue to bewilder us.

Now, let’s dig in.

Once upon a time when Olivia Pope had bangs, she and her lovely pleated trench coat and Goyard purse were taking the Metro. (Side Rant: I lived in DC for years. I understand that Scandal is shot in Los Angeles, but the DC Metro Union Station stop — and most of the Metro stops there — are so, so distinctive looking that anyone even remotely familiar with that public transportation system would know that what we’re seeing here is not DC. Not that this is totally unforgivable, but we do get accurate shots of the monuments in the background occasionally, so I’m just a little surprised they’d let this one slide. End Rant.) A friendly homeless stranger explains to her that they’re fixing the Green Line at Petworth and that’s delaying the connecting Red Lines, and then he gives her a highly specific (down to the second) and accurate estimation of when the delayed train will arrive. She thanks him and drops a few dollars into his cup. And that’s how Olivia met Huck, the relationship that makes this entire show possible.

But we already knew that Olivia befriended Huck in his homeless days. How he got there is another story.

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