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Scandal recap: A Door Marked Exit

Olivia has a whole new perspective on her parents, as Jake gets a new job and Fitz hits a new low

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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On Scandal, the line between good and evil is awfully blurry (cue the Robin Thicke). Olivia’s dad is a monster and her mom is a victim — no, scratch that, Eli looked out for the good of the nation when he discovered Maya was a killer. But that role reversal doesn’t wipe the slate clean for Eli; he still tortured Huck and Jake in a hole. Oh, and speaking of Huck and Jake, these “good guys” have respectively tortured a friend and taken the lead of a nefarious government agency over the past two episodes. And that torture victim, Quinn, returned to Pope & Associates, only to then get back in bed with Charlie the contract killer.

Aside from Olivia, who can we trust anymore???

Well, we can place Vice President Sally Langston firmly in the “evil” column. The mid-season finale begins by putting us in the room with Sally and husband Daniel Douglas before she picks up that letter opener and literally stabs him in the back. We learn that DD bit the dust not just because of his indiscretion with James, but also because he threatened to leave her behind and start a life with “a nice boy somewhere.” So to review: She’d rather her husband die than have the world find out he’s gay. Sounds about right.

Many of you Gladiators wondered last week why it was Cyrus that Sally called after she murdered Daniel Douglas. Well, she rightly assumed that Cy, knowing her motivation, would feel guilty about what his devious actions had wrought. He replays the last few weeks in his mind — you know, how he pimped out James, whom he has a baby with, to the VP’s gay husband — and it all leads to one conclusion: Daniel Douglas’ blood is, at least partially, on his hands. (In reality, Daniel Douglas’ blood is on Sally’s hands, splattered across her face, and dripped all over her office. Another Scandal, another bloodbath.)

NEXT: Mommie Dearest? Not so much.