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Scandal recap: 'Mama Said Knock You Out'

Harrison gets played, while Olivia cleans up yet another mess

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young
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Hey, remember Fitz and Mellie’s kids? Well, probably not, because while Jerry and Karen have been mentioned in past episodes, this is our first interaction with the duo. And it isn’t exactly one big happy family when they come home from school to help out with their dad’s campaign. Mellie treats their visit like one of Fitz’s campaign stops, coaching him on facts about their kids’ lives before they sit down for dinner.

Over at Pope & Associates — man, it’s nice to see the whole gang at the office again for a change, teaming up and not divided on individual tasks — they’re working on finding where the money to fund B613 comes from. They’re also trying to find Adnan, whom Harrison hasn’t seen since she asked for his help in the parking garage. One Gladiator isn’t too pumped about this group effort: Huck. As a former member of B613, he thinks trying to take them down is a suicide mission; he’s just interested in saving Quinn.

Quinn, meanwhile, is lying to Charlie about her confrontation with Huck — you know, the one when he MADE OUT WITH HER and scalded our eyes. Why is she keeping this tidbit from Charlie? Probably because she knows her B613 boyfriend would kill Huck in an instant if he found out. B613 vs. B613: Sounds like Shonda’s setting up a bloody battle over Quinn.

Fitz is having issues of his own, as Dmitri Blanco, who works for a known terrorist, popped up in Baltimore and then promptly went missing. Who is he hiding out with? Olivia’s mom has to be involved. As he heads out of the meeting, Fitz tells Cy what a beautiful funeral it was. Ugh. I’d almost forgotten about James’ death. TV, you’re KILLING me lately. Also, Liv asks for some extra time with Jerry and Karen to prep for the interview, but Fitz doesn’t want to stress his kids; he just wants to get freaky with Olivia while his kids are in town. Speaking of getting freaky, Andrew plants a kiss on Mellie the minute he enters the room. Man, the first couple must really trust their deadbolts.

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