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Scandal recap: 'Flesh and Blood'

While Olivia thinks she prevented an explosion in Ohio, the real fireworks are saved for next week’s finale

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SCANDAL Flesh And Blood
Kelsey McNeal/ABC


TV Show
Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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In Season

Remember when Olivia thought shutting down B613 was going to solve all her problems? Well, turns out it’s created a whole new world of them.

Fresh from wringing Olivia’s neck, Jake is trying to explain just how detrimental the B613 shutdown is when Liv’s other boyfriend, the president, walks in. (OPA’s stunned reaction to Fitz walking into the office is a reminder that, oh yeah, this dude runs the country. It’s easy to forget when we usually see him making out near sheer curtains and punching dudes in the face.) Liv wonders what’s wrong with all the other national-security organizations we have and why they can’t stop her mom, while Jake laments that last week’s sexcapade was just a ploy to hack into his phone. Fitz clearly likes hearing about his lady’s “good quick tug on the zipper” with Jake.

So who can help get them out of this jam? The only person to find Olivia’s mom is Olivia’s dad. Rowan has a history with Dominic Bell, who provided Maya with the bomb. And we know from last week that he definitely has a history with Maya. Is the Dominic-Maya-Rowan triangle just as complicated as the Fitz-Olivia-Jake one?

Speaking of love triangles, Jake summons Charlie and Quinn to OPA for backup. I’m getting sick of Charlie and his possessiveness over Quinn, but I did like his greeting to Jake and Rowan: “Command. Other Command.” But they won’t both be there for long. When Rowan says he won’t take part in the mission with Jake, Olivia is quick to kick her very recent lover to the curb in favor of her diabolical dad.

When a senator dies of a heart attack, D.C. mourns — and then quickly figures out how to capitalize on the tragedy. Sally calls Leo Bergen to try to secure the eulogy, while Cyrus wants Fitz to deliver it, even though a high-profile funeral would be a pretty fitting place for Maya to deploy her bomb. A seemingly drunk Mellie (is it even the afternoon?) sarcastically revels in the opportunity to “stand by my man.” I love when Mellie’s drunken Southern drawl makes an appearance.

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