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Scandal season finale recap: 'The Price of Free and Fair Election'

Season 3 comes to an explosive end with murder, betrayal, and an unlikely couple flying into the sunset

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Drama, Thriller
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Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Malina
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So the looming bomb did go off — in the first three minutes of the show! While Cyrus was content to let everyone at Senator Hightower’s funeral get blown up just to erase Fitz’s presidential rivals (truly his most evil decision yet), Jake storms into the Oval Office to inform the president just in time. And just as Fitz is doubting the decision to evacuate the funeral, the bomb detonates.

We immediately find out that VP Sally Langston and her campaign manager, Leo Bergen, are OK (so my prediction is already wrong), and Leo sees this as Sally’s “Pearl Harbor or 9/11” moment. He dirties her up, rips her sleeve, and sends her off to give a come-to-Jesus speech of survival. Olivia also sees this as a campaign opportunity (as long as we’re all on the same despicable page), and sends Fitz in front of the cameras to address the nation. But in this head-to-head battle of who sunk the lowest, Sally emerges the winner, getting full-screen coverage on the news networks as she tends to the wounded.

At this point, Liv and Cyrus are ready to throw in the towel. There’s no way they can win, they say. Is this really it? Is Fitz a one-termer? And an illegitimate one-termer at that? An election isn’t Olivia’s only concern: She heads to the hospital to visit her dad after her mom’s stabbing attack, and he’s alive! And doesn’t look too worse for wear. The topic of conversation immediately turns to politics, as Liv says of the probably failed election, “I thought I could repair what we did. I thought we could win clean.” She also confesses to her dad that she was scared when she found him bloodied in the office. Man, the evil Eli days seem long gone. But, as we’ll soon learn, they SO aren’t.

Over in the dysfunctional world of Adnan and Harrison, she’s got her onetime lover at gunpoint, and he’s ready to make a deal with the devil. He promises to keep her secrets quiet to keep them both alive. And as he walks back into the OPA offices, we see he was convincing. But he might be wishing that Adnan had just killed him, because he and Abby walk in to Huck banging Quinn over the pool of blood where Eli was found. Just when you thought these two couldn’t get any grosser…

David Rosen wins nickname of the night when he calls Cyrus “Voldemort.” SO appropriate. He comes storming into Jake’s apartment demanding that they bring down Cy after the chief of staff was ready to let hundreds of innocent people die just to win an election. But Jake just wants to watch the Redskins and drink beer.

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