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Rookie Blue season 5 premiere recap: Open Windows

The 15 Division is back from the bombing “break” and things are already messy again.

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Ben Mark Holzberg/ABC

Rookie Blue

TV Show
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In Season
Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Enuka Okuma
Crime, Drama

Our favorite Canadian cops are back! When Rookie Blue began airing on ABC, many of us probably saw it as a fun summer stand-in for Grey’s Anatomy. And six seasons later, it almost feels the other way around. Waiting a whole year for this show to come back is just too long. A year is a long time to remember where we left the 15 Division last summer, so let’s refresh, shall we?

• Nick kept bumping into a random woman named Juliet, whom he quickly kissed—only to have her run away when he told her he was a cop.

• Gail decided to adopt a little girl, just as Holly told her she wanted her to move to San Francisco.

• Dov broke up with Chloe when she finally came clean about Wes kissing her.

• Chris was still struggling with addiction, and a slip-up on the job led to a suspect killing himself.

• The precinct evidence room was blown to pieces.

• Oh, and no big deal, but Marlo found out she was pregnant.

And in the nine months we’ve been waiting for this show to come back, nothing has changed. “Open Windows” picks up right where we left off, which isn’t surprising considering that these 11 episodes were originally produced as the back half of season 5 before becoming a new season entirely.

Everyone at the 15 has been on break. (Apparently that happens when your work blows up.) Andy and Swarek spent the time at Oliver’s cabin, where they’ve mostly been doing a different kind of work … if you know what I mean. Chloe and Nick have become friends who workout at parks together. Dov and Marlo have also become close: They’ve been working on figuring out how the bomber got into the precinct, and they’ve gotten so close that she’s told Dov about the baby—and that it’s Swarek’s. (Oh, no.) The break seems to have been good for everyone except Chris, who is skipping NA to hook up with a married woman in the parking lot.

But break’s over! Everyone has to get back to reality. And reality for Sam is harsh: Surprise! You’re going to be a daddy, Marlo tells him. He handles the news quite well, but he’s probably bracing himself for how Andy will take it.

Andy, unrelated, decides to take a night off from Sam to stay at Traci’s. Traci is spending the night at Peck’s, so Andy gets the house to herself—until an uninvited guest tries to join her. In a scene that actually made me scream out of shock—ski masks get me every time—Andy is attacked by a man in all black. She’s able to fight him off and he runs out and jumps over the balcony.

NEXT: And just like that, we have our case of the week!