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Ringer series premiere recap: Sarah Michelle Gellar is back

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television as twins who both are hiding potentially deadly secrets

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The Ringer
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First of all, I’d like to state that no other TV twins can top Brandon and Brenda Walsh in my heart. But that being said Ringer’s Siobhan and Bridget are probably in my top five. I mean we’ve all missed Sarah Michelle Gellar on television since the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Ringer sorta reminds me in fact of that fantastic Buffy episode where there were two Willows: one who was mean/kinda slutty and one who wore a pink sweater with daisy appliqués. But I digress…

So SMG returned to television last night in the new CW thriller Ringer. I know I already compared it to Buffy, but it actually is much more akin to a Brian DePalma movie. It’s a little Hitchcock, a little soap opera, and a lot over the top. The premiere episode is far from perfect, but I think it lays enough ground work and suspense to keep watching. Plus, the lead character has a giant, wall-size photo of herself in her living room a la Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl. That is something you just have to respect.

So Ringer starts off with a flash-forward to Bridget being attacked in a loft by a masked intruder. The loft itself sorta reminds me of the one used during the climax of Ghost. Look out for falling shards of glass, Bridge! She’s tackled by the intruder and they scuffle a bit (clearly Bridget does not share the same fighting skills as Buffy). Finally she yells out “You’ve got the wrong girl!” And then we flashback to Wyoming and an AA meeting. We meet Bridget, one of the twins SMG plays, who seems kinda sad and has sad stringy hair and wears sorta sad clothes. But she does have a really hot sponsor named Malcolm and even managed to make a flirty joke about AA meeting cookies. Not too shabby Bridge! But the gal just can’t catch a break as she’s also a witness to a stripper’s murder by a gangster, who looks a lot like the packleader on True Blood that Alcide killed. Anyone else think that? Afraid to testify, Bridget instead goes on the run and flees to the Hamptons — where else?!? But she’s not looking to party with Christie Brinkley. Bridget is reconnecting with her estranged twin Siobhan, who we can tell is much more uptight and rich because she wears her hair pulled back tight and rocks a pristine white coat. Rich people do that kind of stuff.

It’s unclear why the sisters are so estranged, but there’s vague talk about someone named “Sean.” At first I thought maybe Bridget had caused some sort of a scene at Sean Combs’ White Party years ago, but then Bridget found an old photo of Siobhan and “Sean,” who’s actually a small child. Anyway, Siobhan takes Bridget home to her kick-ass Hamptons house and leads her to what I’m going to call the “mirror room.” It’s unclear what room this is. Is it a closet? A giant vanity? All I know is there are tons of reflections and mirrors and Siobhan clearly has a some extra-strength Windex to keep the streaks to a minimum. Frankly, her cleaning lady needs a bonus.

NEXT: Bridget and Siobhan take a boat ride…to Crazytown!!!!