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Revolution recap: Betrayal

It’s an unexpected family reunion for Nora and a victory for General Monroe

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Revolution Recap
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Revolution hasn’t hesitated to remind us that everyone has family, so it was only a matter of time before we’d learn about Nora’s family. This episode, called “Ties That Bind,” presented us with what at first looked to be another gotta-protect-my-younger-sibling, gotta-find-my-missing-family-member storyline until things took a left turn.

Miles, Nora, Charlie and Aaron are making the risky trip across a militia-controlled bridge – to take another bridge across the river would mean going 100 miles out of the way from Philadelphia – but partway across, Miles realizes this isn’t going to work. So I know Miles was once a general, but the frequency with which he says, “It’s a trap!” makes me worry he’s going to morph into an admiral someday.

They manage to turn around and get off the bridge on the side they walked on, narrowly escaping a blaze of gunfire, but not before Miles shares a glance with Sgt. Strauser, the militiaman who is not known for ever leaving any survivors, as we learned from Jason. And it looks like he’s not even a fan of letting his own men survive – when one militia soldier reports to Strauser that they’d lost Miles and his ragtag team of rebels, Strauser guts his own soldier with a knife.

But Strauser has something else up his sleeve, another way to lure his prey back to him. A militiaman calls out Nora’s name. “Nora Clayton. We have Mia!” he yells, and Nora immediately makes a run toward the gathering of militia. Indeed, they do have Mia – Nora’s younger sister, strung up by her wrists to a flagpole.

A flashback tells us what these two girls were doing two months after the blackout, when they appear to be about nine and 14 years old. On a stormy night, a looter stomps into the girls’ room at the house they apparently haven’t left yet. They’re hiding under the bed, and Nora has her hand clapped over her younger sister’s mouth. The looter knocks books, trophies and teddy bears off of a shelf, but he doesn’t find the girls. The next morning, though, Nora walks into her mother’s room and finds her dead. She doesn’t tell Mia what she saw – she instead says their mother left a note telling them to meet her at their father’s house.

Back in the present, we learn what Strauser wants in exchange for Mia’s life: Miles and the pendant. Aaron says he can’t understand how the militia found out they had it. (Really, buddy? You’re stupid enough to pull out the Locket of Power in front of the militiaman formerly known as Nate, and you really don’t know how the militia found out you had it?) Miles is more convinced than ever that they should destroy the pendant before it falls into militia hands. So he takes it from Aaron and starts whacking at it with the handle of his sword. But, supplying us with further evidence that the Locket of Power is totally the one ring, it stays intact.

Nora isn’t about to surrender the pendant and her one-time lover to the militia, but she’s not about to let her sister die a slow and painful death either. So they devise a plan to free Mia without giving anything or anyone up to the militia. Miraculously, it works, thanks to Nora’s knowledge of bomb-making.

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