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Revolution recap: The Lost Boys

A mission to save a child sends Charlie on another dangerous, undercover mission; flashbacks reveal an inkling of answers about what caused the blackout

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The promos for this week’s Revolution, called “The Children’s Crusade,” promised us answers about the cause of the blackout. Well, we did get some answers, but nothing too surprising or shocking. And, also probably to no one’s surprise, we didn’t get the full answer – there’s plenty mystery left about why the whole world has been without electrical power for 15 years.

This episode’s cold open dropped us right in the middle of a torturous moment for Charlie: She’s in a militia uniform, about to be branded with the sharp ‘M’ of the Monroe Militia. She’s screaming – it’s clear she’s being forced to take the mark of the militia and she doesn’t want to be there. How did we get here? The show jumps back to two days earlier – we’re about to find out.

Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron are trekking cross-country, still Philadelphia-bound, when a milita wagon rolls by. On it is a teenage boy in shackles. Hidden, watching from between tree branches, Charlie’s about to jump out at the cart, but Miles stops her – saving him isn’t worth the risk, he says. “We can’t save everyone.”

So the gang continues on until they come across a pack of children. These kids are toting bows and arrows, living alone in the shell of a graffiti-covered brick building, with no parents. The oldest among them is Michael (Supernatural’s Colin Ford, who has sprouted up into Season 1 Sam Winchester, bangs and mop of hair, nostrils that flare when he’s emotional and all. When did that happen?), who is about to go searching for Peter, his brother – the militia’s prisoner Charlie saw earlier. There’s no John or Wendy in sight, but that’s not going to stop me from calling this bunch the Lost Boys. (Though there are girls here too.)

The Lost Boys don’t seem to know what the Monroe Militia is – “What’s militia?” Michael says when Charlie mentions them – but they know that men branded with an ‘M’ on their wrists are bad. They only are convinced that these strangers aren’t the enemy because they don’t have “burn marks,” as one kid calls them.

Michael is intent on going after Peter, but Miles won’t let them do anything until someone tells him what happened to their parents. Michael chokes out the story of how, several years ago, all of their parents were wiped out by men who could only be militia, while they took cover in the basement. Michael has never understood why this happened, but he gestures toward an American flag that hangs on the wall, ends tattered and shredded. He believes that had something to do with why the men with burn marks on their wrists killed all of their parents.

Michael starts rallying together a group of kids to rescue Peter, but Charlie tells him not to go, that they’ll go save his brother. Aaron isn’t too keen on this idea. “I hate to say this, but that is not Danny on that wagon,” he says, but Charlie still has her mind set on going after Peter – these kids have little chance of making it safely back home if they go up against the militia alone. Aaron expects Miles to back him, but much to his surprise, Miles takes Charlie’s side. “But you just said we can’t save everyone,” Aaron says. “Well,” Miles responds, “we’re saving this one.”

So Miles, Nora, Charlie and Aaron set out to track the militia wagon. Charlie tells Michael to stay where he is and stay out of trouble. Yeah right, like that’s going to last.

NEXT: Some answers, finally

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