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Revolution recap: Toughen Up, Son

Charlie and Miles catch up to Danny in Noblesville; flashbacks reveal what Capt. Neville was doing the night of the blackout

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The blackout and the years of chaos following it changed many men, Miles Matheson and Tom Neville certainly included. Revolution had begun filling us in on how Miles became a powerful militia leader, and tonight it was Neville’s turn to have his past illuminated.

The episode, called “Soul Train,” starts off with Neville duking it out with his men, throwing punches at them just for fun, easily defeating each one. When he calls forward Danny, the teen isn’t eager to get into a fist fight with the militia captain – he knows this isn’t a good idea – but after Neville has punched him in the jaw and then the nose, Danny starts fighting back. But Neville beats him too. “You gotta toughen up, son,” he says.

Flashback time! It’s the day of the blackout. Neville is in business attire, a gray tie and short-sleeved, pale blue collared shirt. He looks smaller, weaker, almost like the office chair could swallow him up, nothing like the commanding militia captain who sits tall atop horses and barks orders. Neville’s boss, who’s several years younger than he is, taps away on his Blackberry as he reprimands Neville for a wrong decision. “How many times have we had a conversation like this?” his boss says, “They’re not covered for smoke damage, so we don’t pay for smoke damage.” Neville has no response. And then comes the bad news: “You’re fired,” the boss says, then turns back to his Blackberry.

Back in the present, Aaron and Charlie are standing next to Maggie’s grave. They want some more time to say goodbye, but Miles tells Charlie they gotta move, that there’s no use saying goodbye to a body in the ground. So they get moving again, getting closer to Danny, who they know is in Noblesville, Indiana.

In the forest on the outskirts of Noblesville, they hear a sound that Miles never thought he’d hear again and that Charlie doesn’t even recognize – the whistle of a train. Peeking through the trees, they see that there is indeed a steam train in Noblesville – and that’s bad, Miles assures us. Nothing good will come of there being a train in Monroe’s possession.

In Philadelphia, Sebastian Monroe steps into Rachel’s gilded cage, telling her that her son will be on a train headed for them soon. Rachel begs Bass to let Danny go. “We used to be friends,” she says, offering to tell Bass everything she knows about the lights going out. Bass taunts her, hissing that he knows she’ll tell him everything because he has Danny.

Throughout this exchange, Bass is touching his fingertips to Rachel’s on the window seat, and their faces are growing closer together. There’s always been a weird, almost sexual vibe between these two. Maybe it’s Monroe’s way of asserting his dominance over Rachel, but I wonder if there’s some other history between them. Maybe Rachel’s saying that they used to be more than friends. Monroe has had her locked up for several years, and in all that time, he didn’t get any information about the blackout from her, and he only sent out men in search of the Mathesons pretty recently (as Neville says, he’s been away from his wife on this mission for about a year). I wonder if there was a different relationship between before. It’s unlikely that time when they were friends was before the blackout – from how little Charlie remembers her uncle, it sounds like he wasn’t around much, so there’s no reason for Rachel to have known Miles’ buddy Bass well before the blackout. Was there a time after Rachel gave herself up to the militia when there was something different going on between her and Bass? If so, what was it? And why did that change?

In Noblesville, after some eavesdropping around town, Charlie has figured out that the train is Philly-bound, scheduled to leave first thing tomorrow morning and Danny’s supposed to be on it. She brings the intel back to the rest of the gang, who’s hiding out in an abandoned garage. Miles gives instructions to everyone about the plan to safely get Danny back. Aaron stays at the garage guarding Nate, while Charlie, Nora and Miles set out for town.

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