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Revolution recap: Not Just Another Monday

Charlie and Miles debate the right time to kill a man, and things are not quite as they seem with Rachel Matheson

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In the second episode of Revolution‘s freshman season, the cross-country quest continues: Charlie, Miles, Maggie and Aaron charge on ahead in search of Danny, and the viewers continue to learn more about this electricity-less world.

The episode kicked off with Miles sword-fighting a bounty hunter who had tracked him down in hopes of taking him to General Monroe. Well, consider those hopes dashed, because Miles gets the upper hand. Just as Miles’ is about to slit the man’s throat, Charlie questions whether he’d really kill a man in cold blood, and Miles concedes, deciding to instead lock up the bounty hunter in a train car.

He comes to regret that decision when the bounty hunter tracks him down again (he says he busted his way out of the boxcar for the price of a few broken bones) in a Pontiac, Illinois market. Miles has traveled there looking for a woman named Nora – and the detour away from the search for Danny isn’t making Charlie too happy. Miles, being the badass he is, manages to gain the upper hand against the bounty hunter again (even though he’s handcuffed), but this time he kills him, snapping the man’s neck, provoking a disgusted look of disapproval from Charlie.

Before Miles kills the bounty hunter, he manages to get some information out of him: Nora was arrested for stealing militia gold and was taken captive as a slave near Fort Chatsworth.

Miles parts ways with Maggie, Aaron and Charlie in search of Nora (who Miles says is good at blowing stuff up – always a skill that comes in handy). Miles tells the trio of travelers to meet him in Lowell, Indiana in two weeks.

Charlie goes after Miles the next morning, leaving a note for her companions that Aaron reads aloud in untroubled monotone: “I went after Miles. I’m sorry. Please don’t worry. – Charlie.” Aaron is pretty confident they’ll see Charlie again, while Maggie, panicking, is not so sure – more on that later.

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