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Revolution recap: This Sucker is Nuclear

Miles, Charlie, and Nora trek into The Georgia Federation, while Rachel visits an old friend who reveals more about the nature of the blackout

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Revolution Recap
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The latest episode of Revolution brought more revelations about the pasts of both Rachel and Miles – though not their mutual past. I guess that’ll have to wait for that until a later episode, Rachel/Miles fans.

But before we got to any of our rebellious heroes, the episode, titled “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” kicked off in Monroe’s office. A militiaman delivers Monroe the news that Tom and Julia Neville have fled Philadelphia. The militia has also managed to figure out why Major Neville left the city – spies have seen Jason alive and with the rebels, says the militia captain whom we learn was one of Neville’s closest aides.

Monroe, always captivating and intimidating in his ability to hold power over a room without ever raising his voice, keeps his temper down upon this realization of Neville’s betrayal. But though he keeps his voice steady, he’s clearly pissed as he wonders aloud who can he trust – pissed enough to kill the militiaman who brought him the news with one shot to the head. Paranoid much, Monroe? Shouldn’t he be worried that his men will be afraid to deliver intel like that for fear of getting killed shortly thereafter?

Meanwhile, a wounded man on horseback rides into the rebel camp with a message: Monroe’s nuclear bomb is on its way to Atlanta. Three militiamen smuggled it across The Georgia Federation’s northern border a day or two ago. So Miles, Charlie, and Nora have a new mission: Onward to Georgia, to stop a nuclear bomb.

The Georgia Federation is “a whole different world,” as Miles says. There are steam-powered buses, plentiful crops grown with the warm weather, and clothing that doesn’t shout “I’m on an extended camping trip.”

To get through the gates of Atlanta, they disguise themselves as Georgia Federation soldiers. But Monroe’s men with the bomb had the same idea – they’ve already gone through the soldiers’ cabin where Miles and co. also decide to grab some uniforms, and one of them has left behind a message – in the form of a knife.

When Monroe finds the knife, he’s pale and shaking. In flashbacks, we learn that this knife once belonged to Miles’ grandfather, who found it to be a good luck charm in the Korean War, and to Miles’ father, who in turn brought it with him to Vietnam. Seven years after the blackout, Miles gives the knife to a young militiaman named Alec (The Hunger Games’ Dayo Okeniyi). After Miles tells him the history of the knife, Alec refuses to accept it. But Miles insists, saying he hopes this young man – who must have been the closest thing Miles has had to a son – will someday give the good luck knife to his own son.

When Miles, Charlie, and Nora get to Atlanta, they start searching for the nuclear bomb with a nifty little trick: Each walks around town with a flashlight, which of course will turn on if they’re near the pendant powering the nuke. When Miles finds the hidden bomb, Alec quickly steps in. They don’t share too many words before a fight breaks out between them, first with swords, then with fists. Alec – who learned all his military skills from Miles – manages to take the upper hand, pinning the former general against the brick wall of the alley. Then it’s Charlie’s turn to save her uncle’s skin: She shoots an arrow into Alec’s upper chest, which he promptly pulls out before grabbing the pack with the nuke and running off.

Charlie and Miles’ pursuit of Alec ends with the death of a Georgia Federation soldier – Alec makes it look like Miles killed him and escapes while other soldiers arrest Miles.

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