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Revolution recap: Amped Up

The Matheson family, reunited, face the Monroe Militia’s new firepower

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The lights are still off, but Revolution is back on.

Welcome back, Revolutionaries! It’s been four long months, but now we finally got to see what happens next in this saga of a world stripped of electricity.

Revolution returned with an episode called “The Stand,” taking its title from the Stephen King novel of the same name, which has gotten a few other nods in the show already. King has said he conceived The Stand when he set out to write “a fantasy epic like The Lord of the Rings, only with an American setting” – not unlike creator Eric Kripke’s own description for Revolution.

There also is quite a stand that’s made in this episode – a stand that our rebels make with a high cost.

Oh, and what I said earlier about the lights still being off? Not completely true. They’re certainly still off for the wide majority of the world, but Monroe has that amplifier and that Locket of Power. Though when the episode begins – right where we left off last November outside the power plant – that amplifier is being used not to light up Independence Hall but to power the helicopter that’s going after our Scooby gang, who all miraculously escape the copter’s machine gun fire. Then a refrigerator saves the day – Miles, Charlie, Danny, Aaron, Nora, and Rachel all pack into the walk-in fridge of a diner not far from the power plant just before the militia blows that diner to pieces.

Monroe, of course, is not too happy that no remains of Miles and co. have been found at the onetime-diner. Major Neville takes some heat for that and also for letting Miles go (remember, Miles was within Neville’s reach but managed to be the one calling the shots when he put his sword to the throat of Neville’s wife). But Monroe won’t let all that get him down – he does finally have real firepower, after all. “Miles doesn’t matter,” he says. “We have light. Power. We have everything. And it’s time to let everyone know it, starting with the rebels.” That becomes Neville’s next assignment: find and obliterate every rebel camp in the Monroe Republic. Next on Monroe’s to-do list: take over the rest of the continent.

With a little trickery, the Fellowship (yes, I’m still calling them that. It’s still apt, right?) make it out of Philadelphia’s borders. Next, it’s hug time! And kiss time! That’s hugs for the Mathesons and kisses for Miles and Nora.

Trekking through the wilderness, Aaron and Charlie demand answers from Rachel about where she’s been, how she knew about the Lockets of Power, a host of other mysteries. But no answers are forthcoming now. “It’s complicated,” she says, with a promise to explain later.

Back to Monroe’s helicopters: They attack their first rebel base. Everyone inside is dead within seconds. Later, the Fellowship finds their bullet-ridden base. Bodies are everywhere. A streak of blood covers the cabinet next to an American flag.

They know that the militia is planning to hit the other rebel camps. Nora and Charlie have their minds set on going to Central Command – the rebels’ headquarters in Annapolis. But Aaron’s not at all keen on joining this new mission. “We found Danny, so please, let’s just go home,” he begs. Here we see a pained look on Danny’s face – he knows they went through hell to get to him. But, as Rachel points out, there’s no home to go back to. So Aaron’s aboard another cross-country mission.

They set out, but there’s a breaking of the Fellowship: Rachel decides to not join the others on their trip to Annapolis but instead to go to the house of a former coworker, John, who we later learn has another Locket of Power and lots and lots of heavy-duty weapons. She plans to meet the others later in Annapolis. So they split up.

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