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Revenge recap: 'Intel'

David Clarke shaves his beard, and other important developments.

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Revenge took a serious turn for the 24 on Sunday night with “Intel.” There was a super bloody interrogation. There was a fake suicide. And, most importantly, there was the revelation that there’s a big bad at the center of all of this and a hot FBI agent who’s working for him.

Oh, and perhaps the most important development this week: David Clarke has shaved, ladies and gentlemen.

Okay, okay, back to the actual important stuff:

Emily, a.k.a. Jack Bauer

From the outside, Emily Thorne has just about lost it. She seemed to have a case of crazy eyes during the opening scene of “Intel,” when she’s beating the bloody hell out of one of David Clarke’s hospital attackers. (All in the comfort of her own home, natch.) Thanks to her probing, he tells her his partner, Pete Dunn, was the one who was in contact with the real man who’s out to get David Clarke. But, rather inconveniently for Emily, it seems Pete hanged himself in the interrogation room at the police station.

But Emily poses a kind of crazy question: Was it really a suicide, or did Police Chief Alvarez kill Dunn because he’s part of a larger plan to bring down David? It smelled fishy enough for her to go on a totally-not-a-date-but-kind-of-a-date date with Officer Ben, who had just a couple nights ago stumbled to her house while she was in the middle of the aforementioned interrogation to ask her out. But it becomes clear that she’s only there to get information on Alvarez, so it’s not exactly romantic.

When she brings her theory to Jack and Nolan, both start looking at her like she’s yelling at herself à la A Beautiful Mind. Except, as is usually the case with Emily, she’s onto something.

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