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Revenge recap: 'Contact'

Emily and David finally get to talkin’. It doesn’t go well.

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Revenge Recap


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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Oh, Revenge—you and your daddy issues. Disappointing and at times twisted parent-child relationships have always been a central theme on this show, and these relationships came a boiling point during “Contact.”

Missing from this episode was Charlotte. I’m thinking that’s no coincidence.

Emily and David: Who’s protecting whom?

“If only Emily were to tell her dad the truth, all our problems would be solved.” Oh, Nolan, if only you watched Revenge. Usually Nolan is the Horatio of the gang, the one who brings Emily down to earth a bit. But here, unfortunately, he’s dead wrong. (Probably because he isn’t aware that we’ve still got a few more episodes until the midseason finale.)

But in this case, the truth only makes things more complicated—and it introduces some confusion over who’s protecting whom, who’s weak and who’s strong.

After not calling 911 for Victoria as she’s lying on the ground nearly dead (more on that in a bit), Emily decides to tell David the truth about Victoria, saying “She took everything from us. She’s lying to you.” She’s also honest about her own frustrations with him as a father, asking him to explain why he was apparently close enough to get some TMZ-style photos of Amanda, yet never did anything to reach out to her. “I was in need my whole life,” she said. “You did nothing.”

That is inevitably a huge blow for David, who’s already not feeling worthy of a “Dad of the Year” mug. He is, at least, finally honest with Emily, telling her where he’s been all this time. All those years ago, a rival of Conrad Grayson devised the plan for his fake death—then locked him up, asked him to do “terrible things,” and threatened to kill the girl he thought was his daughter. David escaped and went “off the grid” when he heard about Amanda’s death, only showing his face in the Hamptons once he heard about his name being cleared.

But even with all this out in the open, there’s still a big problem in their relationship. David summed it up best: “Protecting me, that’s not your job. I wanted you to forgive.”

Fast-forward to later on in “Contact,” and Emily comes in like the Revenge School magna cum laude graduate that she is, saving David’s life after two bad guys pretending to be doctors try to take him down. It’s a familiar image: Emily is the astute, tough one, while David is confused, often in need of saving.

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