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Revenge recap: 'Damage'

David Clarke channels his inner Emily Thorne.

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Maybe I’m just noticing it now, but ABC’s promos have become the Upworthy of promos (see How To Get Away With Murder’s nine words). The promo for tonight’s episode of Revenge was “The man everyone thought was dead will stun the world in 3—2—1.” Let’s be serious now, were we all stunned by David’s stunt on national television? Forgive me I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Tonight’s aptly titled episode “Damage” endeavors to explore how tenuous the relationships between children and their parents—whether they be blood related or surrogates—are on Revenge. Many of Revenge‘s characters are in search of, and perhaps in desperate need of, a strong parental figure to look up to and to find comfort in, but at each turn, they are denied this because the world of Revenge is a world where the parents are just as screwed up as the kids they themselves have screwed up. It’s not a novel path for Revenge to take, but the redundancy, which comes mostly from Charlotte realizing Victoria is the worst for the umpteenth time, is mitigated by the exploration of Nolan and David’s relationship.


Tonight we finally find out why Louise is so obsessed with Victoria. After Victoria found out through a Page Six story that Daniel was working with Louise, she arranged a meeting with Louise to quickly get this problem out of the way so she could focus on David’s interview with Margaux that night. When Louise arrives at the restaurant and sees Victoria sitting at the bar, she imagines how their conversation would go: Victoria is happy about Louise’s business arrangement with Daniel and says that she couldn’t be happier because she views Louise as her own blood.

Unfortunately, this is far from what actually happens. In reality, Victoria is super suspicious of her crazy roommate’s motives and tells her just as much. Louise tries to explain that she only gave Daniel her business as a thank-you for Victoria helping her in the hospital and because she views Victoria as a mother. Which is kind of ridiculous since they only knew each other for one day—and Victoria says just as much to Louise. As Victoria gets up to leave after dishing her normal “You mess with my children, you have to deal with me” spiel, Louise asks when they’ll see other again, to which Victoria says that’s probably not a good idea. To twist the knife even further, Louise is forced to watch Victoria happily greet Margaux with an embrace, something she obviously wanted for herself.

Not taking no for an answer, Louise decides to further insinuate herself in the Grayson’s lives by befriending (and stalking) Margaux. The creepiness reaches an all-time high when it’s revealed at the end of the episode that Louise has rented out space in the building right across from Margaux’s office.

Charlotte’s done a bad thing

So, you know that guy Charlotte went home with at the end of last week’s episode? Well, it turns he’s not a nice guy, and Charlotte finds this out when she wakes up in his bed the next morning.  She tries to find her stuff to leave, but her one-night stand stops her and insists—with his gun—that she sit down and make herself comfortable because he intends on using her as bait to catch a big fish he’s been chasing.

Charlotte tries to humanize herself by yelling out a bunch of facts, but her kidnapper doesn’t fall for it. After which, Charlotte results to violence. (Who knew Charlotte had this much fight in her?) After an extended brawl, Charlotte eventually knocks him over and breaks his neck on a conveniently placed step in the apartment. She starts to call the police, but stops when she finds a file on David Clarke in a drawer. With his new development, Charlotte forgoes calling the police and calls her not-beloved sister Emily for help.

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