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'Revenge' recap: 'Burn'

Team Victoria make yet another move against Emily, and there’s a surprising return to the Hamptons.

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Since Revenge returned for the second half of its season, the show has felt like it’s putting all the pieces in place for the endgame—and tonight’s episode amplified that feeling. (But of course whether it actually is ending is still a big question mark.) “Burn” returned to a question that the show has been toying around with all season: Will Emily—and Nolan, to an extent—ever really be done with the revenge? If there’s one thing television and movies have taught us, it’s that every time you think yo’reu out, you’re pulled right back in. After the ending of tonight’s episode, which eschewed subtlety and nailed this point on the head, it’s clear that Emily’s ending might not be so happy. 

Even in Revenge‘s less than engrossing post-season 1 years, the one thing the show has almost always gotten right is Emily and Nolan’s relationship. It is definitely one of the show’s strongest assets, so last week’s outing and the beginning of tonight’s have been rather hard on Revenge fans—as it sucks to see Nolan and Emily on the outs. Since their falling out last week, they’ve only talked about things that need to be handled and nothing else. While out shopping for a new suit at a fashion show, Tony, the child service worker, sees how much Nolan is hurting from the falling out and convinces him to go talk things through with Emily.

Nolan does just that and it’s exactly what the doctor orders. Yes, Emily is still rather annoyed that he kept the files, but she understands now how much her mission meant to him. Their conversation covers some of the same beats as last week, but eventually they reach a resolution and Emily reassures him that he’ll never lose her. With this handled, it’s time to turn their attention back to monitoring Victoria and making sure they’re ready should she try anything with the evidence. And, once this sitch is handled, they can both have real, normal lives. 

For the past week, Victoria has been channeling her inner hermit as she hides from the world inside her hotel room at Margaux’s suggestion. Watching a legitimately scared and defeated Victoria is compelling in a way that the show hasn’t been in a long time. The episode touches on what it is like to finally lose, to finally know what it feels like to be almost powerless. Louise thinks it’s time for Victoria to re-enter the world and the two decide to go out for lunch. Unfortunately, they have to cancel their lunch plans because someone attacks Victoria and steals something from her purse. Believing it to be Emily, the three women decide to turn the evidence stolen from Nolan’s computer over to the FBI. 

Nolan intercepts Margaux’s call to Victoria, thus giving Emily her opportunity to steal and destroy the evidence. During Margaux and Victoria’s meeting with the FBI, Emily pulls the hotel’s fire alarm to draw them out. Vic and Margaux know what’s up and hand the flashdrive over to the FBI agent, but as they evacuate, Emily, disguised as a fireman, manages to steal it from him. The moment Victoria, Margaux, and the FBI agent realize this is truly interesting because it sends Victoria into a panic attack of the likes we never expected to see the former Queen of the Hamptons go through. 

As Emily stole the evidence, Nolan was busy throwing a fundraiser for his new boyfriend’s cause. Emily told him to sit this one out because the fundraiser is Nolan’s first step toward building a post-red Sharpie life, and to bail on Tony would damage their relationship. Because this is the Hamptons, something does go wrong at the party: Hurricane Louise barrels through. She shows up and implies, in front of Tony’s boss, that Tony broke up her and Nolan’s marriage—which is the last thing you want to say about someone who works in child services. The scene she throws is all an attempt to get Nolan alone and record him confessing to his and Emily’s plans, but Nolan’s no idiot and handles her without a sweat. Louise has no idea who she is dealing with.

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