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Revenge recap: 'Disclosure'

Everyone’s family is a little messed up… and then there’s the Clarkes.

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Tonight we got a pretty good idea what the soon-to-be-reunited Clarke family is going to look like. And, to say the least, I don’t think they’ll be the kind of family to send out Christmas cards every year.

Mom and Dad are dealing with some minor trust issues, what with the betrayals and kidnapping and all, but they’re still very much in love, which became apparent at the opening of “Disclosure.” Victoria has a dream that she’s reunited with David, who tells her “I need to know that you were as much of a victim as I was.” After dodging eye contact, she admits, “I didn’t have a choice; I regretted that moment ever since.” And thanks to some of the best acting we’ve seen from Madeleine Stowe all series, we know she’s being genuine: What she did to David Clarke has haunted her most of her life. He approaches her, gently touches her face, and begins to strangle her.

And although that was all a dream, it seemed like a premonition. Yes, Mom and Dad seemed to have embraced a “united we stand” motto by the end of Sunday night’s episode, but he’s bound to learn that Victoria’s trying to get him to help her kill his own daughter, and I’m thinking that strangling might not be too far from reality.

Victoria wakes up from said dream in the back of a good old fashioned stalker van, with David in the driver’s seat. After a failed attempt to escape—and Victoria’s near-death thanks to an eight-wheeler in the middle of the woods—David takes her to the place that he, seemingly, has been spending the past 10 years of his life: a small, drab bunker with a homely cot and not much else. But he didn’t come here to show off his bachelor pad, but to finally confront her head-on: “I’ve had 20 years to piece together the conspiracy that destroyed my life…. Did you betray me?”

It’s not exactly a simple question. Yes, Victoria did testify against her lover in court, but as she tells him, when she found out that Conrad had set him up to take the fall for Flight 197, she had planned on going to the District Attorney to testify, but her husband intercepted her. “For years, he kept me in silence by threatening my children, our children. I had no choice but to become the good wife until I couldn’t stand it anymore. You were always the love of my life, David. Always.”

That apology, along with the line that “The night I lost you my heart broke and never mended” was enough for Dad, who promises her “I still love you. I always have.” But there are still some trust issues to work out, as David did, after all, kidnap her, and she’s clearly on guard.

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