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Revenge recap: 'Forgiveness'

Kara bonds with Victoria, Padma puts Nolcorp in a compromising position, and a certain journalist makes his move against Amanda and Emily

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Revenge Recap
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Before I start this week’s recap, I just have to ask: is there anyone else who finds Kara Clarke’s voice kind of… annoying? It’s too breathy. I feel as though we’re supposed to sympathize with her — as the title of last night’s episode “Forgiveness” would imply — and yet I find it hard to do so. Then again, maybe that breathy voice is part of her game. After all, we’ve seen the steely core that lurks beneath Kara’s seemingly benign demeanor (or at least Aiden did — he recovered pretty fast from severing his bonds with that broken glass, didn’t he?), but no one else really has. Victoria may suspect, but does she really know? And the real question: what’s Kara’s end game? What does she have to gain from just turning up like that? It doesn’t seem as though she’s got a plan in mind, but this is Revenge. People are always scheming.

Enough of my musing and on to the actual recap. We open on Emily’s dad saving her from the clutches of Krazy Kara. (That actor is a fine looking man, is he not?) Emily sits bolt upright on the couch, shaking from the aftershocks of the dream. Now that she remembers what happened, the floodgates are wide open. She can’t escape her past even in her sleep. Aiden sits up beside her — they were curled up together on the couch — and Emily tells him she understands why her dad lied to her. Aiden capitalizes on this opportunity and says that he too has her best interests at heart and that that’s why he didn’t tell her about finding Kara sooner. Oh, and then he drops the bombshell that she’s married. Because why not lay it all out on the table at six in the morning? At least let her get a coffee, Aiden. He tries to get Emily back on track with the original plan. “Let me help you remember what you came here to do,” he pleads with her. “I needed someone,” she answers, untangling herself from his arms. “You walked through the door. Don’t let it go to your head.” I wish someone like Aiden walked through the door when I needed someone.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s just chilling at her house, minding her own business… Oh, hey Kara Clarke! That’s right, Kara headed straight from the hospital to the Graysons’. For a second I wondered if we’re going to get a real fight, but instead of knifing Victoria for what she did to her “daughter,” Kara walks straight up to her and… gives her a hug. What the –? The two sit down for tea and crumpets and discuss their mutual association with Gordon. Kara says she can’t believe he kidnapped Victoria after he went through so much effort to save her twenty years ago. Honestly, her fishing efforts here were rather pathetic. I kept waiting for Victoria to stab Kara with the pruning shears, but she seemed too shocked by Kara’s presence to do anything. Too bad. Watching Kara prick herself with the rose — a not-so-subtle metaphor for the blood on Victoria’s hands — wasn’t nearly as exciting.

NEXT: The Graysons have breakfast for the 50 billionth time.