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Revenge recap: 'Intuition'

Nolan gets a girlfriend, Victoria throws a baby shower, and someone ends up in the hospital

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I have a confession to make Revenge fans. Until last night, I hadn’t been too sure how I felt about this season. It just doesn’t seem as deliciously… soapy as the first one. Emily’s search for her mother had made her over-emotional (with good reason, I suppose). She’d been behaving irrationally — Letting the assassin into her house? That was just plain stupid! — and it had started to get on my nerves. But then came “Intuition.” I loved this episode so much, you guys. Did Emily pull her act together? No, not really. But so much happened! The show seemed to be treading the same path for the past few episodes, but with the return of Kara Clarke — and that juicy reveal at the end — I see potential for Revenge to become a whole new show. But enough about me! Let’s get to the recap, then talk theories at the end.

We open on a trail of blood running along checkered tiles. A maid’s cleaning up the mess while Victoria stands by the fireplace, holding a bloodied visitor sign-in sheet and a check. She balls them up and tosses them into the fire. Did you figure out what had happened just from this opening shot?

Cut to Aiden jogging on the beach. (Producers, why wasn’t he shirtless? Missed opportunity, I tell you.) He runs up to Emily, who plays him her mother’s message from last episode. Emily has realized that Aiden must have been the agent that her mother met at the motel and asks him how he got into Gordon Murphy’s room. He says he pulled a key from Gordon’s pocket and adds once again that Emily needs to watch out. The white-haired assassin may have brainwashed her mother and she may not be the person Emily (barely) remembers. It’s a rehash of something we’ve heard a zillion times over the past three episodes and I’m done with it. Obviously something’s up with Mom, stop dragging it out, Revenge!

Conrad and Victoria are enjoying a pleasant breakfast together. Victoria tells Conrad he’s a fool for bringing the Initiative back into their lives; Conrad says she’s the one who did that in the first place by teaming up with the white-haired assassin. See? Pleasant! Daniel comes in and sweetly compliments Conrad on his work strategy, behaving just like he always does. (Not.) Charlotte turns up and asks why a camera is being installed over her bedroom. Conrad says it’s a necessary evil and adds that there are worse places to be imprisoned. “You mean like the rehab you locked me in?” Charlotte answers. I forgot about that. Tell me again why she’s still living under that roof? If ever there was a reason to move out, having your not-biological father condemn you to an asylum is it. Conrad heads off to work and Victoria asks to see the journal that Amanda gave Charlotte last episode. Charlotte tells her she’ll have to ask Amanda directly. In the foyer, Conrad warns Ashley to keep an eye on Daniel because he was behaving suspiciously at breakfast. You fooled no one, Daniel!

NEXT: Emily gets a new roommate and it’s not Nolan.