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Revenge season finale recap: 'Truth'

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

When Gabriel Mann stopped by the EW offices a few weeks ago, he promised us everything with the Initiative would be solved by the finale. And so it was. Rather satisfactorily in my eyes, I might add, since it brings us full circle to what Revenge is actually about: Emily vs. the Graysons. But before we get into all that, let’s start at the beginning. It was an action-packed two hours and I’m still processing it, so bear with me.

Thanks to Carrion (though our heroes haven’t figured that out yet), everything is down — the power, cell service, etc. “What is going on out there?” asks Nolan, as he looks down on New York from the safety of a high rise. How he hasn’t realized that his baby’s behind this is beyond me. Nolan’s got no batteries, but he does have a solar-powered satellite. Complete with a fully charged laptop, he’s able to rig up a telecast. It’s Emily who finally puts the Carrion thing together — and what that means. Everything will be traced back to Aiden.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Charlotte are out on the streets, which are surprisingly calm given that the power is out in all of New York. Honestly, I was picturing Independence Day-esque chaos. Daniel suggests that they head to Conrad’s campaign quarters, but Charlotte doesn’t want to walk the 15 blocks it will take to get there. (Or maybe she said 50? Either way, it’s not that much.) She’s also worried that Daniel will tattle on the bun in her oven. “Think that’s a conversation I want to be a part of?” Daniel asks.

Jack and Victoria’s partnership is in full swing. “That recording is far from a smoking gun,” Victoria tells Jack. They need more evidence (never mind the fact that there’s no power). “You were in love with Amanda’s father, weren’t you?” asks Jack, revealing that Conrad has a laptop full of damning information, including the fact that he was responsible for David’s death (and never mind that Victoria already knows that since she was involved as well). Jack’s been searching for the laptop ever since it was taken (by Emily, not Conrad — not that Jack knows that… so many unknowables!) and hasn’t been able to locate it. He suspects the computer’s hidden in a safe in Conrad’s office and asks Victoria for help recovering it.

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