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Revenge recap: 'Masquerade'

Jack finds a new ally, Emily loses hers, and Victoria shows her tender side

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Six weeks have gone by since last week’s episode, and yet, not much has changed. Jack is still biding his time in his revenge plot, Charlotte still looks mopey, and Emily — well, she’s been sending postcards from 1973. But I get ahead of myself; let’s discuss Nolan’s degeneration into Carrie from Homeland. Our favorite blond hacker has transformed his office into a crazy den, papered with leads on Padma’s disappearance. (Can they be called leads if they don’t lead anywhere?) Emily’s worried: Nolan hasn’t left his office in weeks. But it’s not just Padma that he’s concerned about; it’s everybody that he’s failed over the past year. “You saved Jack’s life,” Emily reminds him.

Victoria’s looking particularly chipper planning the Grayson Masquerade. Daniel strolls in on her preparations, which include setting him up with every eligible woman in a 150-mile radius. He’s not especially thrilled, but Victoria chides him for raining on her parade. “If memory serves, we had to cancel last year due to your murder charge.” Touché, Mrs. Grayson. Ashley brings Victoria a pile of RSVPs from the office, including one dated from 1973, courtesy of…her son. When Ashley asks who it’s from, Victoria shoots back, “it’s just a seasonal trifle. Not unlike yourself.”

Emily is so worried about Nolan that she asks Aiden to play their final card against the Initiative: torpedoing their investments. “There’s still the smallest chance that she’s alive,” Ems says of Padma. She made Nolan a promise and she intends to keep it (even if it took her six weeks to do so). Meanwhile, Emily continues her one-woman haunting of Mrs. Victoria Grayson via the USPS.

Conrad is rehearsing for his town hall Q&A. When Ashley rattles off an especially tough question, he replies: “These people are townies. Are any of them smart enough to ask that?” A man of the people, Conrad Grayson is. But Jack is keeping Conrad in line with his blue-collar advice. “Don’t say working class,” Jack counsels. “Tap your inner Clinton,” Ashley adds. Poor choice of words, Monica Lewinsky. But her next words of wisdom are priceless: “Wear a tie. People want to be able to relate to you, not feel like you’re related to them.” Oh, rich people.

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