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Revenge recap: 'Victory'

Eli and Emily team up to take down their abusive foster mother and a giant secret is revealed!

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Before you ask, yes that title is a reference to the web series Burning Love, to which I have recently become addicted. (Highly recommend you try!) Fortunately for me, it was also appropriate for last night’s Revenge. This week’s ep was filled with double, no, triple, no, quadruple crosses (I’m still unsure of which side Eli is working for), but more importantly saw the return of a special someone. All hail the red Sharpie!

After last week, I was convinced that Eli was a bad guy. Sure, that’s reductionist, but he just would not leave Emily alone (also, he basically gave Victoria a $100,000 of Ems’ money — not the most endearing move). He couldn’t be good news. And yet, “Victory” opened with a scene that immediately threw me into doubt: young Eli promising to watch out for Amanda. It was hard for me to believe that so much had changed from that tender moment. Little did I know that Eli was the real betrayer.

Back in the present day, Aiden tells Emily that Eli has to go. His meddling will only cause problems for the both of them. Moving on to the real plot, Aiden reveals that Daniel “has gone quiet.” Now that Daniel’s setting Aiden up for the fall, he doesn’t really want much to do with him. Guilty conscience and all that. Emily must be his new confidante if they want to be kept in the loop. Ems dials Danny Boy and the two agree to meet for lunch.

“I’m afraid our polling numbers are abysmal,” Ashley tells Conrad. Well, what do you expect when you’re a lying scumbag? The two head in for breakfast, where we see Eli taking his seat. Oh-kay then. Look at the Graysons welcoming someone with open arms! The same cannot be said for Emily, who turns up for the breakfast meeting as well, much to Victoria’s chagrin. Eli, behaving just as one expects their guests to behave, invited Emily to the gathering without actually consulting anyone in the household. Yep, he’s got manners, that one. But the faux pas is quickly forgotten as Eli pitches his idea for bringing Conrad’s numbers up. He suggests they donate funds from the Amanda Clarke Foundation to Amanda’s old foster home, the Hayward House, also known as the home she burned down (well, she didn’t do it, but more on that later) after suffering years of abuse at the hands of Mrs. Hayward. Definitely the sort of place you want to throw your charity money at.

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