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Revenge recap: 'Illumination'

Emily’s plot is threatened by her foster brother; Jack becomes suspicious of Nolan

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

How quickly things fall apart. Last week, it looked like Emily’s revenge scheme was finally picking up momentum and this week, it’s ground to a complete halt, thanks to a hacker and a meddling kid. But someone else’s has taken off: I don’t know about you, but I love this new and more jaded Jack Porter. Emily’s so worried about Eli revealing her secret that she hasn’t even stopped to think about the cost of continuing to keep Jack in the dark. Nolan can try to cover it up, but the cat’s out of the bag. Jack knows something. And if they don’t start explaining things to him soon, he’s going to embark on his own vendetta against Ems and Nolan. And just how amazing would that be?

We started off with… a look at Aiden’s home! I had no idea he even had a house, guys. It was clean and modern and devoid of all personality, which is exactly what I’d expect from Aiden: Sure he’s rather attractive (to put it mildly), but what do we really know about him? It didn’t help that Emily was waxing on about secrets while the camera focused on him. What are you hiding, Aiden? Anyways, Emily tells her partner-in-revenge about her encounter with Eli at Faux-manda’s grave. Eli didn’t recognize her, but “him being here is the last thing that [she] need[s] right now.” After all, she did burn down their house. He can’t exactly be feeling kind towards her. We learn in flashback that Eli was Ems’ protector: “I promised to never let anything separate us and nothing ever did — until I set that fire.”

Victoria and Conrad are setting up a foundation in Amanda’s name. “I’m so proud of you both,” gushes Charlotte. Okay, so she probably doesn’t know that they’re planning to bury their money in the charity, but does she really think they’re doing it because they loved Amanda? She’s more deluded than I believed. Meanwhile, Daniel’s been having trouble sleeping since he’s more sensitive to murder than the rest of his family. Conrad tells him he’s got to set Aiden up to take the fall for the Initiative’s shady dealings, but Daniel’s had enough of the blood of the innocent.

Jack’s meeting with an insurance company representative, who informs him that his wife’s policy won’t be fully processed until the criminal investigation has concluded. However, the rep does offer to set up a policy for Carl “in the unlikely event of another tragedy.” Au contraire, insurance man. I think tragedy is very likely in this town. Declan stops by on the way to school (!!!), casually wondering why Nolan had told him that Jack and Amanda had checked into a hotel in Nantucket when in reality they were still out on the water. Jack looks stricken. Does he suspect Nolan of helping him? Or does he think something more sinister is afoot?

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