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Revenge recap: 'Union'

Jack and Amanda finally get married, someone plots murder, and someone commits one. 

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Back from a three-week hiatus, Revenge skipped the pretense and went right for the heartstrings from the get-go, starting off with my favorite flashback yet. A cuter, less jaded (and real) Amanda builds a pipe cleaner ring. She’s planning the wedding of her dreams to Jack “in presence of her best man Sammy.” Argh. Cue the tears. In the present day, Emily stares at the turquoise pipe cleaner circle in question. She’s torn between Aiden and Daniel, but on the day of his wedding she can’t help but think of Jack. Does she really need another man? Nope. But I’ve always had a soft spot for those two.

Nolan interrupts the moment by revealing that Aiden has disappeared without a trace. Emily is noticeably sad, but not by Aiden’s disappearance. “I know this isn’t the happy ending you envisioned for you and Jack,” Nolan says sagely. “I’m happy things are going Jack’s way,” she answers sincerely. “He deserves it. And Amanda does too.” Not so fast, says Nolan. After all, the couple’s happiness comes at the expense of The Stowaway, which has fallen into Conrad’s hands — a fact that Amanda has yet to reveal to Emily. And speak of the devil — Amanda strolls in at precisely that moment. Ems nails her with a death glare at the news that Conrad is staging a coup of The Stowaway. She can’t believe Amanda would ask him for help knowing all that he has done (and honestly, neither can I. How stupid can you be?). Emily writes Amanda a check and tells her to buy back The Stowaway ASAP.

Ahhh! What happened to Jack’s face? “You actually shaved,” declares Declan. I think this is an understatement. When I was six, my dad shaved off his mustache and I cried for an hour. I feel at least as upset now. But no. Jack wants to look nice for his wedding. Never do anything drastic before the Big Day, Jack. Don’t you know that? Anyways, Jack wants Declan to look after baby Carl while he takes his bride on a honeymoon. “You guys really got this whole parenting thing down,” Jack remarks as Charlotte heads off to change Carl’s diaper. How in the world did two high schoolers suddenly become responsible for a baby that’s not theirs?

Nolan didn’t look for Aiden very hard — he’s in his office. Aiden wants Nolan to use his techno wizardry to search the video the Initiative sent him — you know, the one where his sister is murdered — for any clues. But all Nolan can find is the date of creation — six years ago. Interesting. I suspected she was long since dead. But six whole years? Seems a little weird he didn’t notice any age difference. Aiden presses Nolan for any other details and he manages to track the video to a location in Jersey City. Aiden makes him promise not to involve Emily, but of course he tells her all about it.

NEXT: Correct me if I’m wrong, but Nantucket does not seem like honeymoon material